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Geekvape Medusa Giveaway: A Simple yet Remarkable RDTA for All Builders


I look at function, if it doesn’t work right there is no reason to have it, no matter how pretty it is.


I think they will continue the tank line, possibly get into more tools.


@Fenrir1 and @diymixer1 and how about @Fresh


looks nice but seems that i have one or two just like it


ive never ownes any geekvape products but have tried a couple


function , because it has to be what i like looks mean nothing and price is secondary


im not sure but maybe getting into some mods or something things they putntheir tanks on maybe they already do


@rob62 @Ken_O_Where @Pro_Vapes


I like the knurled look


Don’t have any, so this when I get it would perform the best


Functionality first because if it doesn’t work properly what’s the point.


A newly designed RTA


Only 3 days left for this contest.
Don’t miss the good opportunity to win this awesome Medusa RDTA.
Hurry up and good luck.:wink:


@tbt127 @Uncaged @BoDarc @DrChud @Ajinkya

See, I do love you Tracy! :heart_eyes:


First and foremost, function. What good is a nice looking tank if it is crap?


It looks really good, I hope it vapes as good as it looks.


Looks like a very solidly build tank


I have an avocado 24, used to have a 22, and I have the griffin 25 plus. The griffin 25 plus performs great but since I found a good build for the avocado it’s been working brilliantly too.


Function all the way. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if it doesn’t work. Same goes for price, if you pay $15 for something that doesn’t work you just got yourself a $15 piece of crap. Which, ironically, is an expensive piece of crap :smile:


RDA’s with squonking pins