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Giveaway For ELR Vapers - Aspire Quad-Flex Power Pack Silver (Ended)


Just my opinion $25 gets you 1/2 price shipping. $35 Gets you FREE Shipping.
Nice incentive to buy an Xtra $10 worth of Concentrates, VG,PG, Nic. Etc…DIY in my case. I would like like the above. Like I said just my opinion.


“Free shipping” to me, should be offered everywhere over a certain threshold of purchase. 3fvape for instance…anything over $15 ships free. Granted, u can find some of their products slightly to considerably cheaper elsewhere…but it’s few and far between. Mostly all their products have excellent, low pricing and it’s awfully easy to meet the $15 threshold. On the other hand, I myself ship a lot of eliquid and completely understand the costs of shipping, so I don’t expect it to always be free. But if I’m spending a big chunk of change and can’t get free shipping, I will absolutely shop around til I find it. In a nutshell, free shipping over $30 sounds great but needs to be concrete. No limitations or fluctuations. Either it’s free over $30 (or wutever threshold) or it isn’t. I prefer cut-n-dry scenarios. Just my opinion :ok_hand:t2:


Well said !! I agree!