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Giveaway Vapefly Galaxy MTL RDA Free For You!


2/7 #3 Good luck all and Vape safely!


Yay! I won the

Vapefly Galaxy MTL RDA$24.99

I cant wait to try it out! Thanks for this giveaway!


Congrats @Bugalien!!!
Enjoy it!


Grats @Bugalien , I hope you enjoy and thank you @andycolins for the giveway


Congratz @Bugalien and thx for the giveaway @andycolins


I haven’t heard a thing from them after following the instructions I got in the PM.
A few emails and PMs and I have heard nothing…

Looks like this one too has gone unanswered:

I am aware that these are giveways, but I will not be placing an order any time soon.

It would be nice to have at least one email or PM response…


Wow :open_mouth: that’s just crazy!
Sorry to hear that.


Well, I got an automated invoice email 4 days ago. My account page still says it is processing.

Still not an actual word from efun.top. I was really looking forward to that MTL RDA. :confounded:
nofun.top :sob:


That is the strangest thing!?!
It’s like efun.top & @andycolins just stopped being part of ELR.
I have also received no response to my Email as well?


I was very nice in my PMs as well.


Maybe it’s in the mail already! Wrapped in bubble wrap. In a box. In another box. In a giant box. In a crate. In a container. In cargo bay of a plane. Over the ocean. #thinkpositive #goodvibes #wishfulthinking


I check the site and it has my account. The order has been pending, then processing, and now complete as of 2 days ago. That is just what my account on the site says.

But they can’t even answer one email or PM out of several…

I would love to see the gift show up one day, but I feel like it is rude to ignore not just me, but others as well.


I just got a PM with a tracking number and apology for the delay.

I thanked them and let them know that I had no problem with a delay on shipping out a free prize.

It was the lack of communication I had a problem with.


I got my prize in the mail today!

It is my first MTL RDA and it is not bad at all.

I like it very much.

After taking it apart and washing it with vinegar and dawn (it wasn’t dirty it is just what I do), it took all of 5 minutes to install one of the 4 coils that came with it, wick, adjust airflow, and get vaping…

The flavor is not bad, not bad at all considering I only dripped my ADV that is a 3mg vanilla custard max VG juice I made for subohming, and not a higher percentage of flavors and nic.

Here is what it looks like on the Aspire Zelos mod:

Thanks Efun.top! @andycolins