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HealthCabin Giveaway - Wotofo Profile RDA & Mesh Coils & Agleted Cotton, 8.24-9.7


Awesome Bro.


Nice win! I’ve ordered one so I hope it’s as good as they say it is :grin:
Thanks @HealthCabin :+1:


Congrats Sparky!! Thanks @HealthCabin


Congratulations @Sprkslfly :+1:

Thanks @HealthCabin folks for yet another great giveaway!


Congratulations @Sprkslfly :raised_hands:
Thanks for the chance @HealthCabin :point_left:


@Dan_the_Man thanks Brocephus! :smiley:

Blew me away! I figured it was a snowball’s chance with over 300 entries! :laughing:
I’m excited!
Now I have a legitimate reason to visit local vape shops again lol (hunt for SS mesh)! And also the local Lowe’s if that doesn’t pan out. chuckles (I’m pretty sure that the screens from faucet aerators are still made from SS…)
/joking here folks, as I’d never risk the chance it’s made of something else! :wink:
But hey, it’s Lowe’s! chuckles

@Eddiepraysforpeace @adary @Mark_Turner thank you!


@Sprkslfly Dude!!! I have some SS mesh That I will never use. It’s yours, if you want it.


You’re a rock star! lol


I just got mine in :grinning: Installing the mesh is a breeze and the amount of cotton it holds is insane and so is the amount of juice that stuff sucks up.
It will take a while to vape that cotton dry and the flavour is pretty good too.
I hope you enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying mine right now :+1:


Congrats @Sprkslfly, I didn’t even know this one ended ?? !!!





Congrats on the win :smile:


That’s kanthal. :wink:
thanks for the thought though!


here is some Vandy 316L:

WotoFo Cotton: