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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Golisi & Tesiyi Special--9/24



Hey everybody, I have been laboring under the impression that we (vapers) need a SuperHero. I happened to mention that to my nephew and he came up with " VAPE MAN "

Not sure why but I think he hit the nail on the head and he doesn’t even know how to use a hammer!


#1 Vaping all day :kissing_closed_eyes:





I hope it’s ok to show off some of our setups

No. But I have found that shipping might be a little more than normal


@adary we found out the gift cards cannot be applied to shipping costs or sale items. :cry:



My very first " squonker "


Congrats on your 11th anniversary!
Thanks for the contest. VAPE ON!


Not familiar wit Tesiya batteries, but Golisi has made a name for themselves recently. I would love to try any of them.


Just got the Vapefly Core RTA


How’s this for some massive coils?


My pride and joy


Vaping is my great hobby


Vaping started to keep me off cigarettes


Vaping is now a hobby of sorts, I do enjoy it.


Making a tasty eliquid is a feel good moment.


would never have thought of but those curves go well together. :+1:
External charger needed for this guy too


Golisi is getting some good exposure, would be interesting to see how good it is. Haven’t heard of Tesiyi until now.


DNA chipset is in my opinion the best.


My first vaping device is Evic vTwo and Kayfun mini v3. So far, it works.


I like to make DIY tools and gears for a vaping