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Heaven Gifts Giveaway: Win Aimidi Tank T12, A Stunning and Durable Mod--(Ended)


Congratulations @Suomynona Thanks @Heaven_Gifts for doing the giveaway.


Nice win @Suomynona and thank you @Heaven_Gifts :+1:


Dripper. :wink:


Oops lol 25th just started here, but guess I’m too late. Nice win!


Congratulations @Suomynona :raised_hands:
Thank You @Heaven_Gifts for the Great giveaway :+1:


#Post 37 :sweat_smile:
Congratz @Suomynona and thank you @Heaven_Gifts !


I like to see real people win something. Only thing I ever won was Eagles tickets in the 90’s.


I once won a cassette single of “I’m too sexy.”


Cassette and single. Many here probably don’t know what those are. :smiley: :smiley: