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HeavenGifts 10th Anniversary Coming—Best Discounts, Flash Sales, Special Gifts, Huge Giveaways (Ended)


1.Which day will we start the celebration event?
150 items


start the celebration event Oct 11
1000 items for the flash sales


10th October

150 items


my guess is 10/10


Oh boy. Since China is on holiday. I think suggestions have to be later.

Maybe 10/20/17 (do you see the number magic?)

10…ten days, 1/day, give away of a dna167 decivce or yihi glass. (Go big or go home)
20…20% off for 10 days.
17…drawing 17 winners for a 200 credit.


October 10th 2017.



October 11th & 200 flash items on sale


Anniversary starts 10/10

with 1010 items on sale

  1. 10 October 2017
  2. 100 items


And 30 items for the flash sale.


Which day will we start the celebration event?

10th October 2017

How many items will be prepared for the flash sales?

555 :smile:


Winner Announcement

Dear all,

Thanks for your active participation and supports.

Our 10th anniversary carnival will start 16:00 PM October 10, 2017.
123 items will be prepared for the flash sales.

Have you guessed right? There are 6 people whose guesses are the closest to either of our answers.

Congrats to @Dan_the_Man, @Ajinkya and @Pikachu.
I will PM the gift card codes to you. Pls have a check.

The biggest ever celebration carnival is about to kick off. Please stay tuned.


Hmmm. So my 10/10/2017 answer didn’t count.


Sorry, got 2 answers from you.:sweat_smile:

As for the first answer, you guessed the numbers of the prizes, not the flash sales items.
As for the second one, you guessed 10/20/17.
So can’t decide which one is your final answer.

But don’t be upset. We will give away a lot of prizes in the following 10th anniversary contest.
Good luck.


I won something, super cool.

Thanks @Heaven_Gifts


Congrats @Dan_the_Man @Ajinkya and @Pikachu

Thanks @Heaven_Gifts


Congratsulation @Dan_the_Man @Ajinkya @Pikachu
Thnx @Heaven_Gifts


Congratulations @Dan_the_Man @Pikachu & @Ajinkya :raised_hands:
Thank you for the Chance @Heaven_Gifts :+1: