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HeavenGifts 8th Anniversary Celebration Sales and Win anything Contest


Aka “ocd queen”?


Just want your entries to count or there will be no draw. Just looking out for my own interest here fellows :smiling_imp:


Congrats again! So happy for you :tada::dizzy:


Thank you so much :hugging:


Done and done thanks


I seem to b very recluse lately :zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:


Only need one more entry.:grin:


@HowieDIY ten characters


Omg @MisterSinner @Anonymiss lookkk 1 morrrree


I was the first post on round 4 lmao! :joy: feels like forever


woooooo hooo

Everyone I know has already entered or I’d tag more.


Entry 1

I DEMAND this: http://www.heavengifts.com/WISMEC-Indestructible-RDA-Rebuildable-Atomizer.html because I am a Jay bo fan boy and need a good RDA in my life

@JoJo @LordVapor @Fresh3


Just got that. Nice RDA.


Would love to have an extra for my other mod…
@Joel5 @JoJo @Ken_O_Where @therabidweasel @LordVapor @daath


And the winner is…

Guess before Christina responds and I will send you a brand new Wismec Indestructable RDA!


going with @Anonymiss lol


ME!!! Muahahaha…that way if I win, I win twice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I like the sound of that :wink:


i have this mod , i love it , it came with mini amor tank which i hate so i put my cleito on it with the .4 coil and its greeeeat


Winner Announcement of Round 4


Thanks for your active participation.

So excited to announce the winner of Round 4.

#335 CallMeTut! Congratulation!

Your prize is http://www.heavengifts.com/100W-Eleaf-iStick-TC-Express-Kit-WO-Battery.html
Please PM us your shipping address in following format to claim your prize.
Post code:
Tel & Email:

Round 5 starts from #496
We will select our next winner once getting 90 replies in Round 5.
Have fun with us and win your favorite one! Good luck, everyone.

BTW, we also prepare 25% discount code “AHG25” for you. Get your favorite ones at a decent price before August 18, 2016.