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I don’t think I’ve ever spend more than $20.


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yes , different sizes for different tanks rda / rba / rta


the compact size


im not sure the only other compact rda i have is the derringer so notbsure


i dont think many are worth more than the 30$ range


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Yes, I rebuild. I use SPOOLED TRIPLE CORE PARALLEL FUSED CLAPTON 316L SS (28GX3 / 36G) OR (30GX3 / 38G) from advanced vape supply


Despite the 22mm size, looks relatively easy to build on.


Despite it being larger, maybe the digiflavor pharaoh rda


25-40 dollars


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  1. Not yet, i will be once my kit arrives


All the ladies love gold. I love ladies…


Considering I’ve only just learned the difference between an RBA and an RTA 'll leave that to others to comment.


About £/$20 upwards depending on how good it is.



Corrently using 24 gauge SS316 wrapped with 32 gauge Ni80 in TC