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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Wotofo Serpent, A Flavor Chasing Single Coil RDTA


Way to go Woftam! Congrats!


Wait what! Wow oh so cool. Thank you Heavens Gifts. Nearly 50 years on this earth and this is the first thing I have ever won. Lucky 13 an all.

Cheers. @all


Bloody awesome. Enjoy mate.


Congrats @woftam


Congrats @woftam :smile:


Cheers mate you were the one that tagged me in so thank you :+1:


Congrats bro!


Well done mate @woftam


Grats @woftam


Nice @woftam! Enjoy man


I missed this draw, congrats to you @woftam, I hope you enjoy the tank. The Serpent mini is awesome and hopefully it’s big brother is too :ok_hand: :gift_heart:


you havent won other giveaways on elr


Nope nada but I have now :grinning:


nice and a nice piece im sure ive liked every wotofo product ive tried ( tanks ) never tried their mods