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Arctic Dolphin Arthur, Aesthetic Stablized Wood, Powerful Chip, Awesome Flavor and Price Matching Competition

Can you recognize your mod among many of them? If so, it must feature an unique look! Well, today Arctic Dolphin bring you an unique mod made of Stablized Wood, 80W Arthur Mod, which is affordable yet powerful.

  1. Aesthetic. Arthur Mod is made of stablized wood. Some of you who are into modding might know there is no 2 stablized wood are alike,which means any of an Arthur mod is unique one. The whole look of it is designed by experienced American team, definitely worth you to grab it as one of your mod collection.

  2. Powerful TC Function. A 80W power output may not that powerful if you only consider the figure. However, except regular Ti/Ni/SS temperature control modes, it also features TCR mode which enables you to adjust the TCR data to rock various kinds of wires. The most important, the mighty chip of Arthur supports CVU (Center Vaping Unit Technology)coil.

  3. Voltage Boost Technology. Though it is a compact sized one and features a single 18650 battery, the voltage output is quite strong, as high as 9v! This Voltage Boost Technology gives Arthur a very wide TC resistance support range, 0.06~1ohm. Even in regular power mode, it supports 0.1~2.5ohm coil. It is doomed to be a big toy for vape veteran.

  4. Brand New Operation Interface. Some of vape newbie may concern about its interface. Is it easy to play with? Well, the whole operation is divide to 2 catalog. 10 minutes is enough for you to get know it!

Guys, for such a delicated mod, how much do you think worth it? Leave a comment with your preferred price below. By the way, just heard it through grapevine, a good deal of Arctic Dolphin Arthur will be started for this mod soon. Try google it!

More details of Arthur Mod, find here:


According to the factory, the bright casing is made of 304 stainless steel with advanced finish technology which is specially used for watch shell. A perfect choice for vapers.

More pics:http://imgur.com/a/5lcKE


This is a truly stunning work of art, I’d expect to see it around the £85 - £100 mark, a little too hefty for my wallet unfortunately, but gorgeous nonetheless.


Yes it is a lovely piece of work but $200 aud is kinda high I would maybe pay $130 aud is if I was in the market for it.


OBS Engine SUB Tank Series, Low Wattage Cloudy Vaping

After the community renowned OBS Engine RTA, now OBS releases 2 subtanks SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank for those who were not into coil building! New SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank inherit the Engine RTA’s DNA, keep the side filling and top airflow features, which is easy to fill and a leakage proof.

Many of you might know that Engine RTA has a very large deck, 17mm in diameter. Well SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank have the same sized pre-made coil. While the coil itself has a 2 big draining juice hole to saturate the wick. Don’t be worry about flooding, the wicking part is dived into 2 layers to prevent over-saturated. The bottom of the coil is a gold-plated pin to lead an excellent electricity conductivity.

To well match its big coil, OBS redesigned its airflow system, the air was drawn from the top, then down to the bottom of its coil, travel a 360 degree airflow circulation in the coil, then out of the tank into vapers’ mouths. Such an air circulation helps a well-tasted flavor to deliver.
The Engine SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank comes with a notch coil, it supports a relatively wide power range, 40w-100w. The biggest advantage of it is a low wattage could trigger a cloudy vaping.

SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank only differ in size, the small one feature a 23mm in diameter, 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, little bit smaller than SUB Tank’s 5.3ml, but both of them are compatible with its 17mm coil.

All in all, low wattage, cloudy vaping, leakage proof, 360°Air circulation, worth of your trying!

More details of OBS Engine SUB Tank Series, find here:

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Looks like a winner!


Chinese New Year Sale, Up to 30% off

Dear friends,

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. We are so excited to enjoy good food and nice time with our family. But how could we leave you alone during this happy holiday? Surely not!! So here comes our huge Spring Festival Sale, with discount up to 30% off.

Sale Time: 5:00pm Jan. 22, 2017 - 5:00pm Feb. 3, 2017 (GMT+8)

Sale Details:
Retail:30% off for all items except for clearance items
Wholesale: 3% off for all items except for clearance items


  1. We’ll stop shipping from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1 (NO customer service from Jan. 26 to Feb.3)
  2. When you put items into your shopping cart, the discount will be deducted automatically.
  3. Can’t use any extra code at the same time.
  4. Unpaid orders will be cancelled before and after sales, don’t forget paying!

Happy New Year of 2017! Enjoy Shopping at HG!


Video for Arthur by VapingwithTwisted420:


I have one pre-ordered, do you know when they are likely to ship?



Sorry for my reply.
We just come back to work today from CNY holiday.:wink:

Arthur will be shipped out on Feb 20th at the latest.
It’s probably that it will be shipped out in advance.
Please wait a few more days.:slight_smile:


Thanks, hope you had a great CNY! :smile:


Vivant Alternate, a Dry Herb Vaporizer with Full Convection Hot Air System

As we progress towards an open-minded view of healthy living, offcially introduce our first Dry Herb Vaporizer,Vivant Alternate. The Alternate is a loose-leaf vaporizer meant for everyday use.Its convection heating system uses hot air to produce vapors from flower products. This reduces harsh byproducts associated with traditional conduction vaporization.
As some of you may know that, different herbs call for varying degrees of heat. Alternate allows users to choose what heat they want to vaporize their herbs at down to an exact Celsius or Fahrenheit, also allows users to customize their experience.Nowadays it is quite commom to see air flow control system on most e-cigarette, but it is rare to see it on a dry herb vaporizer.Well, Alternate allows you to cool the vapor and find the best mix of air for your hits by such function.And its full convection hot air system enable a clean,pure vapor.If you have not heard about any dry herb vaporizer, the Vivant Alternate might be the one for you to open the gate.

Comes with:
1* Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad
1* Brush
1* Grinder Tool
3* Seal Rings
4* Stainless Steel Mesh

More details of Vivant Alternate, find here:

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Avatar VapeNut e-Cig Vapor Eliminator, Clean Air, More Vaping Fun

Imagine the moment that you are blowing crazy vapor clouds alone at home in cold winter, your mom/girlfriend suddenly comes back and shout at you for this vapor-filled house, bad experience, huh? Now the situation can be changed with an interesting gadget, Avatar VapeNut e-Cig Vapor Eliminator. Just as the name implies, it’s specially designed for vapor filtration and elimination. Aesthetically, the Avatar VapeNut features a rounded and elegant body design. Functionally, it has a built-in smoke sensor that can detect vapor density in real time and utilizes air turbocharger system to filter high density vapor, forming clean and healthy air. It also comes with four modes that vary the speed and rate of filtration according to the vapor density. High quality quiet fan and circular duct design avoid buzz noise. In addition, the VapeNut also includes a car adapter that allows you to power it and relievedly enjoy vaping in their vehicle without keeping windows close. Simply put, this device is an intelligent and useful system for all regular vapors.

It comes with
1 x VapeNut Vapor Filter (Air Filter Pre-Installed)
1 x Spare Air Filter (longevity: 3 to 6 months/Do not wash)
1 x DC12V Adapter
1 x Car Adapter
1 x Quick Guide Manual

More details, please check:

Now you can preorder the Avatar VapeNut at US$74.6 with our 10% off coupon code “AHG10”.


Aspire Zelos 50W with Nautilus 2 – A Versatile and Stylish TC Kit

Introduce you a new compact and luxurious kit from Aspire, called Zelos 50W kit with Nautilus 2, which is a nice combo of a 50W Zelos box mod and Nautilus 2 tank. Zelos is powered by a 2500mAh Li-Po battery. From the point of function, as a variable voltage and wattage device, it has a maximum output of 50W, supporting VW/VV/Bypass/TC-Ti/TC-Ni/TC-SS modes, meeting your different vaping needs. Coming with precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage can also be adjusted under TC mode. From the perspective of appearance, it’s definitely an ergonomic box mod due to the sleek user-friendly design. Plus stylish modern colors-black, red, grey must make you stand out in the crowd.

As an upgraded version of original Nautilus, Nautilus 2 is a mouth to lung tank with TPD compliant 2ml e-liquid capacity, which looks very curvy. It comes with a pre-installed 1.8ohm BVC coil, as well as bottom airflow adjuster. Top-fill design make it so easy and keeps things clean. The interchangeable coils with other Nautilus coils allows you to personalize your vaping experience. If you are looking for a new kit, this one must be a smart choice.

Sleek user-friendly design
Stylish modern colors
Anodized Aluminum material
Automatic display adjustment
Easy top filling system
Pinpoint airflow system
Improved flavor production

More info, pls visit: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Aspire-Zelos-50W-Kit-with-Nautilus-2.html

Live Product Introduction: https://www.facebook.com/aspirecigs/videos/735990286556045/

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Wotofo the Troll RTA - GTA Structure with One Post Deck, Concentrated Flavor

Speaking of the Troll from Wotofo, you would definitely think of its widely popular RDA series. Their excellent performance impressed many drippers. But now, after hearing the voice of many none-drippers, Wotofo extend the Troll series into RTA territory. Amazing, it’s a tank now, which means larger e-liquid capacity. The question is will this new tank maintain a good momentum like its predecessors? Well, in view of Wotofo’s previous achievements and innovation on this one, we have a positive thought. Now let’s take a look at this new tank.

The Troll RTA by Wotofo has a large 5ml e-juice capacity, enough for most vapers’ daily use. And the gigantic top juice holes make it way easy to refill.

The deck design is pretty unique. Unlike the common velocity style, the Troll RTA features a one-pose deck. Building it feels pretty much like a velocity-style deck, but the positive and negative posts are horizontally stacked on top of one another. The post holes and cotton holes are quite huge and enough for fancy coil builds and easy wicking. German-made peek insulator is a plus for electricity safety.

The deck is placed in the middle of the tank, which is quite similar to the DigiFlavor Fuji. This structure ensures fast wicking and shorter air travel between the chimney and the build deck. And the short stature of this tank results in a fast vapor delivery from chamber to drip tip.

The airflow control is easy to use. Airflow enters from 2 large airslots on the bottom of the base, travelling into 2 centered internal airholes located on each side of the deck, which forms a direct-to-coil airflow system, offering you smooth and concentrated flavor.

Lastly, it’s 24mm in diameter, which makes it highly adapted to most mods. Plus the fine machining quality and nice looking, it will be another good choice for both cloud and flavor chasing.

Here are some reviews for your reference:

If you are interested in this tank, please don’t hesitate to preorder it with our 10% off code “AHG10”.


Nice looking tank


Eleaf iCare 110, 140, 160 & Solo, New Choices for MTL Vapers & Beginners

Eleaf’s iCare & iCare mini got much attention for their simplicity & efficiency to new vapers last year. Now Eleaf have extended this series with 4 newly released starter kits, namely iCare 110, 140, 160 and Solo. They all feature an anti-leak internal tank with top fill solution and simple-to-use one button operation design.

iCare 110, 140, 160 comes with same stick-like body shape but vary in diameter and height. iCare 110 is the slimmist one, with 1.3ml tank capacity & 320mAh battery capacity; iCare 140 is a little bit bigger, with 2ml juice reservior and 650mAh battery capacity; iCare 160 is the biggest one, with 3.5ml e-liquid capacity & 1500mAh battery capacity. In addition, iCare 140 features a spiral mouthpiece design for a more flavorful vortex of vapor; iCare 160 is able to light up with 7 colors.

As for iCare Solo, it looks more like a slender version of original iCare. It can hold 1.1ml of e-liquid and support 320mAh battery capacity. It also comes with a intuitive 3 color LEDs to show the battery capacity clearly.

All in all, these 4 new kits are pretty easy to use and work good with the popular IC coil heads, perfect for MTL vapers.

More details about these 4 new iCare kits, please visit:

Use our 10% off code “AHG10” to pre order iCare 110 at US$11.7, iCare 140 at US$12.6, iCare 160 at US$17, and iCare Solo at US$12.6.


GeekVape Medusa RDTA - Simplified Inner Structure, Superior Flavor

Geekvape really did a great work in RTA/RDTA territory since stepping into e-cigar market, which is not hard to see from the heated response of the vaping community to the previous Griffin, Avocado and Tsunami series. But Geekvape don’t stop there and bring us a new innovative RDTA, called as Medusa. It features a short profile, with a 25mm diameter and 3ml e-liquid capacity, making it a good choice for those drippers who love compact atty but still wanna a decent tank capacity. And dripping or refilling this Medusa RDTA is easier than ever, with two optional ways available; One is by taking off the top cap and then drip your e-juice, the other is by screwing off the top cap and chamber for direct dripping. Building it is also with no hassle tanks to the large deck and post holes. Adjustable side airflow makes the air travel to drip tip being shortened, which will deliver the perfect flavor. Plus the elegant exterior design and high quality materials, this Medusa RDTA is sure to be Geekvape’s next hit product.

Drip tip height: 10mm
Height of tank: 38mm
Diameter: 25mm
Capacity of tank: 3ml

More details, please check:

Please feel free to use our 10% off code “AHG10” to pre order this Medusa RDTA, only US$23.39 for black version, US$22.49 for SS.


Wotofo Serpent RDTA - Easy Big Coil Builds, Better Flavor

Introduce you a new member of Wotofo’s Serpent series - Serpent RDTA, which is also the first RDTA by Wotofo. It’s 22mm in diameter and can hold up to 2.5ml of e-juice, perfect for matching with most small sized mods. Featuring a cambered top cap, it looks pretty elegant and also adds to the flavor potential. The top cap is isolated from the drip tip with the Ultem piece to prevent overheating. Adopting an unique clamped deck design, this new Serpent RDTA enables you to build with any shape of wires. The side airflow slot together with a gigantic air hole under the coil ensures air travel direct to coil, delivering more smooth vapor and concentrated flavor. Two hermetic juice filling holes are situated opposite the airflow slot for an easy refilling and most important, avoiding any leaking of e-liquids once the atomizer is closed. All in all, if you love coil builds and flavor chasing, this new Serpent RDTA is worth trying.

Size: 22mm x 41mm
Thread: 510
Material: Pyrex Glass + 304 Stainless Steel
Build deck and coil: clamped deck; Mono-coil

More info, please visit:

Using our 10% off code “AHG10”, you can preorder this Serpent RDTA at US$28.35 for SS color, US$30.15 for black color.


IJOY ELF Sub Ohm Tank, Features Coil and Chimney 2 in 1 Design

Good news for sub ohm tank fans! IJOY just released a new sub ohm tank, called ELF, is curvy, compact and elegant MTL tank. With the e-liquid of 2ml TPD compliant, it can easily filled through the top. It comes with a pre-installed 0.7 ohm vertical coil and a spare 0.5 ohm coil. The highlight is that the coil features coil and chimney 2 in 1 design, which largely reduces the airflow travel. Due to this unique coil design, ELF makes you fully enjoy the best out of your favorite e-liquid, providing you the best flavor experience. Moreover, the unique resin drip tip make a plus for it. 4 colors in available, white, black, gold and teal. In a word, this true flavor MTL tank is worth a try.

Easy Top fill
2ml TPD compliant
Unique Resin Drip Tip
Compact, elegant design
coil and chimney 2 in 1 design
Good flavor production
Pinpoint airflow control

More details, please check: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-ELF-Sub-Ohm-Tank.html

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