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HellVape Dead Rabbit – Tell Me About the Rabbits George


Good review. Good pics. I pulled the trigger on this from efun.top for 18 bucks. 4 dollar shipping. Still hasn’t arrived. Update when it does.


Have you by any chance had the opportunity to compare this atty to the Aura? If so, which do you prefer and why?


No sorry don’t have the Aura yet I have heard good things about it


So i finally copped one of these rabbits off a us ebay seller for $31 brand new and sealed, free shipping, got here in 2 days.
And its terrific! The flavor, imo, is just on another level. For me, at least. And no more wrangling with trying to stick conflicting coil legs in the same stupid post. Seriously i haaaate installing coils, literally takes me about an hour and im ready to throw my atty out the window halfway through. But this took me minutes, i feel liberated. And i can finally try some of those giant big boy burners for the hell of it, might grab me some aliens from advancedvapesupply.
So, just gotta finally master the art of wicking now that the coils are so close i will burn my lips off from the pops! Been dripping for over a year now and still can never get my wicks right, lol.
Thanks again for the review @woftam it was the scale tipper for sure.


Cheers mate glad you like it - do you use pads or a roll? if you use pads try 2.5x coil id (ish) and see how that goes for you.


Sometimes i use pads, if they come free with the prebuilt coils i buy, but i also keep some cotton bacon, but still can never get it right, heh. Will take your advice, thanks again.


@netweight I know I am not woftam, but I Love this wicking material more than any other. Seriously, if you have been dripping for over a year, then you know what I am talking about, when I say… " these wicks can take a lot of heat. " you know when you change your cotton and there is nothing in the middle, because it burned away? These don’t do that. there is a little bit of break in, but not much.

A tip on wicking; It should be a little tight when you put it through your coil, not to tight, you should be able to slide it back and forth. Also, your cotton should touch the bottom of your atty but not fill it.

https://f5cottons.com/shop-f5-cottons/ I promise you won’t be dissapointed.