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Help Building Ti Coils for Various Tanks


With Titanium, when I tried using contact coils the resistance was all over the place when trying to vape it. Since spaced coils are tried and true I just don’t see the point in making contacting ones. In addition to the hot spots is the fact the juice has less room to flow in and around the coil. With spaced coils there is more exposed surface area which seems the way to go.


Truth be told I do not remember the exact results I had but I seem to remember the vape being a hell of a lot hotter than it should be. The kinda results ya get when you forget and set the resistance when the coil is hot. The spaced coil fixed that so it doesn’t really matter now I guess…


I built spaced coils. I think I just need to build with smaller wire in a 1.5mm rod and see what that gets me.


There it is! Flavor is pouring out of this thing now. I am about half way through a tank. I didn’t change a thing and it’s just getting better and better. I was skeptical at first but the transition from so-so to pretty damned amazing is really drastic. All I can say is wow :+1:


ok, just gonna offer my 2 cents…
aromamizer, right? try 22 or 24 gauge…2.5 or 3.0mm ID…try 5 wraps…
i dont use Steamengine, so i dont know what that’ll create in ohms, i use reasoning…and my reasoning is this:
22 or 24g for even ramping, not suddenly glowing, and warmth and easy to work with/maintain…
2.5-3mm ID for a nice thick wick for plenty of juice and better capacity and fulfilment…
5 wraps for plenty of surface area to get a lung ful of plenty of dense vapor…
thats what i would do…
my aromamizer has 22g Ti, 3mm ID, 6 wraps…
yesterday it had all same specs but SS…
extreme flavor…i mean EXTREME flavor…
]oh, i forgot to mention: i run the aromamizer at 85-95 joules/watts
i promise i’m no expert, just sharing my experience…


That is exactly what I was looking for. Specifics :wink:
Because I am a noob at Ti and temp control lol. I need to get a new mod. My IPV D2 only goes up to 50 joules.


i’m open, brother…you got any questions at all, i’ll share what i know/what i’ve done


We sound a whole lot the same dude. Trying to actually use Steam Engine I screwed up. the readings. I have never used a calculator before and probably never will again…


I have built everything from standard coils to my staggered fused claptons. I have never used it either. I don’t think I will use it much in the future but it does seem handy, albeit a bit silly the way it tells you how many wraps.


So how is the TC mode working for you now that you have played with it for a day?


My Crown build from yesterday (26g Ti1 4 wraps 2.5mm reading 0.21ohm) seems pretty blah today. Plenty of vapor, but the flavor isn’t there (hitting at 510F 50W). If I turn up the temp much more it starts to taste burnt. Possibly bad wicking, but that’s the Crown RBA for you, a PITA to wick perfectly.


That is correct :grinning: Or you could say it is the resistance of both coils added together and then divided by 4.
0.12 + 0.12 = 0.24/4 = 0.06
Whatever is easiest to work out.


If you run the Crown at high temps, you need to open (grind/drill) the juice slots open for faster wicking. Burnt taste and no taste is from slow juice flow. It takes a lot of cotton also with the opened slots. The RBA deck is inadequate for that tank. They should have made a dual coil setup with large juice channels. Single coil tanks are my least favorite.

I don’t have leaking issues with this set up.


It’s working great, except every once in awhile when I press the fire button nothing happens. Let up and press again and it works. I never had this happen at all in power mode on the iPV D2. I am getting ready to take it apart after this tank and see what is going on. Maybe a loose connection? But I know they were tightened down good.


I just built a single coil in my Crown using 22awg, 4 wraps, 2mm. It came out to .08ohm. And I am vaping on @Alisa’s Nanner Pudding (awesome btw). It’s the best flavor I have had on the Crown RBA yet. I even tossed the 2 week old staggered-fused clapton coil when I pulled it. I don’t think I will bother building those any more. :grinning:


You’re using a thicker gauge/ lower ohm than me, but what wattage/joules and temp are you running on the Crown? I was having issues with mine, but after I dropped my watts back down to 45, and upped my temp to 540 I got a vape a liked.

Not really feeling the “this blows away all other coils” feeling others have described, but it’s not too shabby. And I did sort of get used to stainless, so maybe that’s part of it.


I am running at 500° and 45J. I was aiming for .05 ohm but missed it by a bit. When I first installed the coil it was .12 ohm. So I pulled on each leg as I tightened and straightened the coil. I maybe could have gotten a little more out of it.

My problem is my wicking on the Crown RBA kinda sucks. Even following @Pro_Vapes tutorial my airflow is really restricted. It isn’t leaking though :blush:

I am going to rewick and change flavors after this tank and see if I can do a better job of it. I still need to open the juice holes.


Could you send me the link to that calculator? I do all my mixing calculations in my head or I write them out on paper, but this one looks very useful to me as I have had problems with this in the past resulting in me buying several different guage wires which I really didn’t need. Basically waisting money.




I use the Crown RBA, it’s easy to wick, just lead the cotton out the top, cut so 1/4 inch is left out the top, then stuff the cotton back in and wet the cotton. Works every time and no leaks or dry hits.

I use 26g Titanium for all my tanks. I have 2 Cthulu V2s and a Billow V2. The Cthulu V2s are my GoTo tanks, great flavor.