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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


So, I’ve just spent the last 5 hours mixing like a mad man due to my new scale. Why! Oh! Why! did I wait so long to switch over to mixing by weight??? Soooooooo much easier, less mess and stress and no more counting, counting, counting drops!

Above is the scale I purchased; inexpensive and so far, very accurate. It came calibrated perfectly. All I have to say is, you will not regret mixing by weight. I’m a very happy camper.


Alright alright…you’ve convinced me! I put it on my wish list. I guess my next amazon order is going to have a scale in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

All you precision people, get ready to cringe: Up till now it’s been pretty much, “Eh, that looks about right…” I seriously have drawn little lines on my bottles with a sharpie to show about where to fill up the bottle with nic and pg. Time to get serious. :smiley: Next step: glass dripper bottles. Everything I have is in plastic.

Thanks for the motivation to step it up!



You might be able to get them cheaper through another vendor, but this seller has a great selection and I’ve ordered from them a few times; very happy with this vendor. Go to “other items” they sell and you’ll see many choices for bottle needs.


That’s the exact scale I bought!!! Ha-ha


Hey @ryan8five0 and everyone else!!!

Just wanted to say I’ve been mixing with syringes these last couple of weeks very basic and tedious!!!

This is my first time reading and participating in the actual forum but wow and thank you all for a completely new insight to DIY mixing!!!

I’m currently scouring the web just now to find some scales as good as the ones @ryan8five0 posted but here in the UK they will cost me £80 I think that’s like $120 dollar it must be to do with customs or something can anyone help!!?

My price range is £40 max
After reading this I need scales with the none auto off function so bad!!! I’ve got drip bottles etc already. Just desperate for those scales or something else sooo bad!!!

As my recipes are all experiments I can imagine the benefit and I am now desperate to take the leap

I AM A BELIEVER haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I picked up this Smart Weigh SWS100 plus a 100g calibration weight for £13.
It’s a bit of a pain that it shuts itself off after a minute but it’s easy enough to remember to give it a nudge every now and then.


How big are the batches you do? @BathVaper and what do you mix into?

What does the scale weigh too? I think I may have just looked at them online

Thanks for an almost instant reply :smile:


My biggest single mix was 40ml but mostly either 30ml or 10ml. And I mix straight into either a glass or LDPE dripper bottle.
And that scale goes up to 100g.


What I use is listed on the resources page. A very cheap flimsy scale from China.

I just bought this one as well - It’s DealExtreme which is also a Chinese site, but this is from their European warehouse. I also bought 5 of these 100g calibration weights - because I believe you need 300g and 500g to calibrate that weight. After it’s calibrated it’s supposedly very accurate.


Wow, that one is tiny!


The scale I have listed dropped back down to $30 on Amazon. If you’re in to purchase a scale, I’d let her rip and buy that one. It’s probably the cheapest plug-in-the-wall scale on the market for as good as it is.


I use syringes, only, so far. I don’t have to mix that often, about every month or two. I frequently will mix 90 ml of a recipe at a time. I have syringes as big as 20 ml [cc=ml]. I have a couple 50 cc syringes that are used for irrigating catheters and giving tube feedings. The large ones are best used where I am simply transferring pg or vg to a smaller bottle. My gloves, and most flavors have come from One Stop DIY. I also will try other vendor’s flavorings, in the interest of saving money. My PG and VG were purchased by the gallon.


I thought the snake blood is different from the snake oil. The snake oil has citrus and some cooling stuff. Actually I am looking for a good snake oil clone recipe because the original is amazing.


Snake oil USA is pear based.

Snake oil Dr Stanley is Anise, citrus and Koolada based.


Found a tutorial


I was recommended this digital scale today - I’d never heard of “On Balance Tuff-Weigh” before.

Reckon it ticks most of my boxes: rugged, large display, override the auto-off, reasonable price.

It’s just a shame it’s not mains-powered too but, hey, you can’t have everything!


@BathVaper dude I tried yesterday to order the scales you first recommended, through Amazon. For some reason my payment hit declined. As impatient as I am I jumped in to a local hard wear store today and picked up these… http://www.amazon.co.uk/Balance-MTT-200-Table-Digital-Scale/dp/B00JGSIM6Q

I paid £10 more than the amaZon price and the liar in the shop said they came with calibration weights.

I was literally in the shop ten mins before work (I’m a chef so work 14 hours straight)

Got home and there’s no Cali weights.

The scales seem pretty sensitive. If you blow air over them they flutter 0.01-0.77 or whatever

Is calibration really needed? If I smash together a liquid am I going to be wasting my time?


It’s definitely worth getting the correct weight to be able to calibrate your scale but you can check how accurate it is - at least for specific low weights - by weighing some coins.

These are the listed weights for current UK coins:
1p = 3.56g
2p = 7.12g
5p = 3.25g
10p = 6.5g
20p = 5g
50p = 8g
£1 = 9.5g
£2 = 12g
(You can double-check the figures straight from the Royal Mint!)


What a great idea using coins as a calibration weight, I have only been using scales for a few months but find them a lot easier, I recently bought a set of glass beakers from 10ml to 50ml and use these to make my mix in then transfer to correct sized bottle. I don’t use pipettes I find it quicker to just drop concentrates into the mixing beaker on the scale.


That’s a good compromise method, Wal.
No knocking bottles over on the scale and glass beakers are easy to wash! :wink:

Using coins is a dead easy way of checking how accurate your scales are performing but bare in mind those weights are for clean, pristine and unworn coins. (Dope dealers have used 1p and 2p coins for years as they are 1/4 and 1/8 of an ounce!)

Most digital scales need a fixed weight (normally either 100g or 500g) to properly calibrate themselves.