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How Low Can You Go?


But as for actual recipes, my current low is:

Flavor total: 1.55 ml / 1.55g (1.55%)

It’s not really too ‘in your face’ though, but it’s got enough flavor to make it a decent vape. And if you don’t care for sweetener, it’s under 1%.


Ok heres my v2 and i must say ill be amazed if this has the pop ill need to call it a success

1.59 total is as low as ive gone ever … besides SFT


His goes to go to 11.


To my surprise the vape isnt bad at all , immediately after mixing the lime sat way in front which wasnt the case in my original recipe . The red flaves were lost a little bit … ill try this again today after it sat all night


Looks like I can go very low with specific flavors.
Is a SnV right now so I don’t now how it will turn out after some days of steep. Right now is a very good creamy and semi sweet aromatic cappuccino.
Total flavor around 0.6%


wow …and with TPA now thats going low … well played


:slightly_smiling_face: I believe TPA is a misunderstood company. They just make what their customers ask them to do nothink less. They have many ‘‘super’’ concentrate flavors as Caramel Cappuccino, Absinthe II is an other one and goes on, but vapers have made many reviews with older setups (atomizers, and batteries) and at this period flavor was needed to be more than today. This is the same for the flavors profile, customers wants specific profiles with specific prices and TPA just made to them.