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Hello fellow vapers!
I bought my last pack of ciggerettes four pay checks ago (i finished my last ciggerette three weeks ago), i tapered down from an entire pack of ciggs a day to one cigg a day to none. i have two mods right now, a eleaf starter kit i purchased on ebay and a kamry 2.0 that a gentleman gave me a while back.
I began researching quitting as i was tired of forking my money out to kill myself, a chart popped up during a google search that showed how much i spend daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, per five, ten and twenty years. The cost over twenty years was over Sixty thousand dollars… That was it.
I figured i could continue forking my money out daily to eventually kill myself or start saving that cash for something, like a home… I think i have inspired a few people so far or have at least peaked their interest.
I do not miss smoking, not at all… I purchased $40.00 worth of stuff from the ecig website today, a syringe, 10 pipettes, liquid nic, 15 flavours and some pg/vg, so excited to get it this week and start making my own juice!!! I know ill perfect it eventually :):smiley:
Good luck to all and have a great day.
Thanks for having me.


Awesome job Tara :tada:

Thanks for being here! :smiley:


Welcome to the club Tara. Congrats on quitting.


Congrats and welcome home to ELR!!


Congratulations, and welcome to elr.


Another excellent addition to the ‘benefits of vaping’ list.

Welcome & well done, Tara


Hi all, I just joined and have been reading a ton of stuff here and then found this. So here’s my story…I started smoking when i was 14 (I’m 52 now). I tried quitting several times with the patch and every drug available. At one point my doctor advised me to stop taking Chantix because of the terrible depression it gave me and to start smoking again and try quitting later. (True story!) Nothing worked so I just kept smoking.

So fast forward to Oct 19th, 2015. I woke up and like always I lit up my morning smoke and started having really bad stomach pains. It kept getting worse so I ended up going to the ER. They immediately discovered that I was actually having a heart attack. Ended up with a 100% blockage in my right coronary artery, and 6 other blockages ranging from 40-70%. They implanted a stent to clear the one blockage but didn’t do the others because it wasn’t life threatening. 6 moths later I had another mild heart attack and had another stent implanted. Since then I’ve had 2 other angiograms for chest pains but those turned out fine. My cardiologist says my heart is healthy and strong, but does have scaring from the heart attack, but isn’t anything to worry about.

Oct 19th, 2015 was the last time I had a smoke. I started vaping two days after I got home from the hospital. I have been smoke free ever since thanks to vaping and feel great! I’m one of those that can truly say vaping has saved my life lol.

During my vape journey I started buying a ton of mods, tanks, etc and realized I didn’t need all this stuff so I started giving it all away to the smokers at work and friends. I’ve converted a lot of people to vaping but there’s still a few that still smoke. I then learned how to build coils and started giving them away to co-workers and friends as well. So now, the next step is making my own juice. So here I am, ready to learn and ready to have fun in the next chapter of my vaping life,

Thanks for letting me share my story, and I look forward to learning all I can!


Congratulations, @trcallahan , and welcome. Good luck to you, and i hope you have fun mixing.


Glad you’re “still with us”, and that you found the answer to getting off the smokes!

Hope you enjoy your stay, and don’t get discouraged. It’s a long and winding road, but the rewards are immense, and very fulfilling!

There’s so many ways to approach this thing we call DIY, so don’t take any one view as gospel. Chances are high that you’ll incorporate aspects of several different “angles of attack”! :wink:
Do what ends up working for you!

Welcome to the rabbit hole!