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hi all,my name is brandy.
i was a smoker for 33 years,from 12 years old untill i was 46.i quite both times i gottt pregnant but went rite back to it.i hated it but could not stop.my daughter made comment about how muchshe hates the smell or just being around it,well the next day i went out a bought my vape,mind you i had tried a vape once before and it was the old pen kind…what a joke it just made me want a cig even more.so i thought i would give it a go again,so happy i did.i have been smoke free for a year now , i started out at 12 and quite nicotin three months later.i have my husband and son vaping now ,i have got into it so much i have 23 styles of mods …i build my own coils and make my own juice.congrads to all that have over came the nail in the coffin


Congrats Brandy well done and welcome


Seems like your doing great @Momacta05831. Grats on quitting and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks! Still feels weird to be able to say… “I don’t smoke”! I love it :smiley:


A great journey Brandy! Makes my future look bright :smile: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


thank you ,im so happy i found this site


Thanks for sharing your story. I too have vaping to thank for ending my 25 year smoking habit. I’lll never get tired of hearing ex-smokers telling their story of being able to finally quit due to vaping, it’s like an endless pool of inspiration I find exceptionally refreshing.


I was a smoker for 24 years, for the last 4 years of that I was a daily speed user which made me smoke heavily. I still went to work daily and maintained a resemblance of normality but the smokes and the drugs were a drain on finances, health and my relationship. Around 14 months ago my partner announced she was pregnant, i was high with a cig hanging out of my mouth as she told me. The next day once I had processed the news I chucked half a pack in the bin and drove to the nearest vape shop. 14 months, 4 mods, 4 rtas and 4 rdas later I still haven’t smoked a cigarette!!! I’m also clean and have a baby daughter. :grinning:


Congrats @Rikg it’s a bitch kicking the habits keep at it life is worth it and it gets so much better. Surround yourself with people who have goals and who are positive and don’t use the dope and you will do well :+1: