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Congrats on quitting


Congrats welcome to elr


Congratulations @fidonasir and welcome to ELR.


So, since I’m browsing random vape stuff anyway, I might as well post here.
Started smoking at 13, mostly as a kind of revenge-ish symbolic act to my parents, who didn’t quit although I was telling them for years that it would harm them (“hey folks, I’ll show you how it is to have someone you care about harming themselves”). Soon after I found some classmates who would smoke too, and of course the people that are one or two grades above you in school… finally I was allowed to smoke at home.
From there it just went on until I was 31 when I decided to “turn things around completely” i.e. go running, eat healthy, become disciplined about professional forthcoming or so.
The non-smoking part lasted for four years and I took some pleasure in allowing me a controlled fag every now and then, maybe a total of 30 cigarettes over those 4 years. This was exactly how I imagined a disciplined person to be :-), way better than just quitting forever, but to exercise control over the “addiction”.
Went on a week-long holiday with old pals from school, bought a pack, another, went for a fag on the balcony, in the kitchen… finally there I was, smoking again at home in my kitchen like so many years before.
I wouldn’t even heve cared about the health related consequences, but during the years I had quit, I got a sense of how much everything actually stinks for cold smoke when you’re smoking at home, but I had no control over it, anymore.
So I went into quit-relapse-quit-relapse-cycles, but as vaping became more popular, I met more and more people that I knew who switched over. One of the most important “final straws” however was seeing a random guy walking to the supermarket in front of me, blowing clouds.
Started research and watched A LOT of youtube videos (which for some irrational reason I still do, although it’s literally the same content in every video ;)), got an Ammit and a Griffin 25, and some cheap liquids.
What kept me vaping was the idea that i picked up from a swiss youtube that, if you crave so hard, why not smoke a cig? One has smoked thousands on thousands, so, a fag every other day in the morning is a joke compared to that. I keep it that way, every other weekend or sometimes even at home when I just feel like it, I smoke a cigarette, but I’ll never fall into the cycles of “relapse” again because of vaping. That, to me, is the most beneficial thing about it. I just don’t have to worry about “never ever again smoking a cig, even on a special occasion” or the whole relapse shit. If I feel like it, now it’s my choice to do it.
I get it that I haven’t got rid of “the habit” since I vape as much as I used to smoke. But it doesn’t smell bad or harm anyone, so… it’s still a somewhat pointless and stupid thing, but a lot better than constant smoking.
Cheers folks.


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