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I want a cigarette!


How long do you vape? Whats your nicotie level? What do you miss? Throat hit?

First of all it´s a very big success that you only smoke in the morning. Congratulation!
Don´t forget, every cigarette replaced through vaping is a success. Maybe the Nautilus is not the right device or the ejuice you use. Vaping should be fun and don´t set yourself under pressure. If you have cravings, smoke a cigarette, no problem. And remember: choose your nicotine level as high as possible. Your body will tell you quickly, if it´s to much. Not the nicotine is the devil, it´s the burned tobacco and stuff big T put in there.

Vape on!



FWIW, here’s my 2c worth…

Smoked on average a pack a day for 40 years at 16mg. When I started vaping nearly 3 years ago I remember having my last cigarette while reading the instruction manual for the 1.6 ohm MTL ego pen I had received that day. Took a few hesitant draws on a sweet apple flavoured juice and haven’t looked back since. I’d bought some 24mg juice but had done enough research beforehand to know that I could cut it down to 12mg by adding equal amounts of PG/VG, albeit with reduced flavour. Having said that, the flavour was still a revelation to me.

Cut a long story short, since that fateful night, I have never had the slightest desire for a stinky. I was getting my nicotine hit, my throat hit, a reinforced hand to mouth habit and I was seeing the vapour (smoke substitute) coming outta my gob. All boxes ticked. Happy days indeed!

I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t have the urge to light up after the transition. Still vape (sub ohm) at 12mg to this day. Have tried lower nic levels but found myself vaping more often when I did that. More than happy where I’m at and see no reason to change anything just yet. Finally, if it’s of any help, whether you vape and top up with cigarettes is irrelevant IMHO. Every time you vape instead of smoking you’re a winner! My only suggestion would be to try and smoke less and less as time goes on, even if it’s just for your health’s sake. There, that’s me done. Cheers…


Same here @Lostmarbles. Just got back from 10 days in Bali and had to “endure” 3 friends who smoke. Walking the streets of Ubud, at restaurants, around the pool etc. Just as well I love them to death :heart_eyes: Cheers…


Quit smoking only 3 weeks ago and went straight to vaping. The first 11! times I tried quitting failed miserably. The longest one lasted 2 months. I’m a severe astma patient and even when I felt alot better after 1 week or so, the craving won and I started smoking again. This time is the first I use something (vaping) to help me quit. Some friends of mine still smoke and I must admitt that when I’m around them I smoked 1 cigaret. This boils down to about 2 cigarettes a week (in the weekends). All the things that come with vaping, like making coils, mixing liquids, reading on forums, looking for products, etc. keep my mind busy. This is the reason I think that this time it will be a succes. Al those things keep my mind away from craving cigarettes and became a hobby of some sort. I really hope this time I will conquer the stink-sticks and become a healthier person. This forum helps me a lot and I hope it helps others the same way…
Stay strong and keep vaping!


Sooooo jealous! Glad you pulled through :grinning:


oh man, I’ve been craving them for the past coupla weeks, i don’t know why. i started vaping three months ago and the cravings left me vaping was so good. but these past coupla weeks, oh man. and now i decided to go camping next week. i loved smoking a cigarette first thing in the cool mornings before firing up a pot of coffee and now all i can think of is smoking at camp. i’m fighting the urge to buy a pack before i go. but if i do, and i have a smoke, i ain’t gonna beat myself over it. i know i’ll probably think, blegghh, after having one. the fantasy is strong but the reality is a let down whenever i have a drag. still, i can’t stop thinking about smoking. LOL. it’s all good, i know i won’t ever pick up the habit again as long as i have my mods and juices.


Hang in there @willie6 . The struggle is real, for sure. Been off the stinkies over 3 years completely and I still have that itch now and then too. But, it fades quickly as I vape !
If you want advice and/or encouragement, we are here for ya.!!


maybe i’ll buy a pod and get some thousand milligram nicotine salts to get me through camping :smile:


I don’t get the urge for a cigarette but I did get an urge for a tobacco flavor. It took me about 3 years or so to really even approach a tobacco taste, but started out with black honey, then ry4d, then Turkish blend, dirty neutral base, desert ship, now I got perique black on the way and clove. :open_mouth: worked on Newport/menthol cig and dang it was tasty, now I’m gonna work on a commericial clove cigarette


What nic level do you vape? I vape 9 and have compared it side to side with a light cigg and they are the same. Maybe bump your nic level up 3mg, and be sure to exercise your willpower. Just say no to cigarettes. 27mg in a pod is just ehhh, maybe 50?


ooh, gimme that Newport recipe! :yum:



well, i’m back from camping and the urge is gone. it was really the camping/smoking experience that had me struggling. while i was there, though, i was fiending. everytime i went to the gas station, i wanted to jump over the register and grab a pack but i held out and just chain vaped. i was THIS close to buying a pack but i kept reminding myself that i would not enjoy it and just vaped. i brought ten different ejuices with me and three mods and just rotated through them all to keep me occupied.

anyhoo, i switch back and forth between 6 mg and 12 mg. sometimes i’ll mix the two to get 9 mg. i’m sure higher nic or nic salts will help a little but, at the same time, it’s more than just the nic. it’s the smell and taste and feel of a smoke that i sometimes miss and there’s also this psychological satisfaction that i get from doing something so “dirty”. plus there’s just something sexy about it for me. i know i don’t look sexy smoking but i feel sexy. LOL! and if i think someone is attractive, then seeing them smoke just makes them more attractive to me. other people, not so much. but there’s always that one that i’m, like, damn, you look good smoking. LOL. they are the devil!!! :smiling_imp:


time to go shopping :grin:


I don’t want no cigarette!

It’s been 3 months and I’ve gradually cut back on cigarettes, dropping each week.

Now it’s been more than 2 weeks since I had one, and when the mrs lit up in the car the other day, boy did it stink. :nauseated_face:

Cigarettes are a stone age nicotine delivery form, and a thing of the past for me.

Lets move towards the future. :nerd_face:


Nicotine is not the only addictive substance in cigarettes, It will take willpower to ever quit. Need to just draw the line, say no more. If your still getting cravings up the nicotine level in your e-juice. I can tell by my experiments that 12mg deliver about the same nicotine as puffing on a light cigarette. I even played with 24mg e-liquid when I first started vaping, but I feel its a little too much in a sub-ohm tank. I am vaping 27mg in a low power device (JT BATPACK) as I type this. I bet that would give a rush in your tank :cowboy_hat_face:


So very true! Heaps I reckon. :+1: I have mixed at 9mg the whole time, I have thought about dropping the nicotine, but I’ll stick it out at 9 for a bit more just to make sure.

I’m not concerned about nicotine and that addiction, the main problem being all the chemicals contained in the cigarette smoke and I’m away from them now and confident that I am close to free from the noose. :tada:

I had headaches and hardly slept for a couple of months. I knew I was withdrawing due to my nursing experience. But it was my thirst for flavour that kept me going.

Cracked 200 flavour concentrates in less than 3 months I’m an addict! :crazy_face:

But it is a healthy addiction this DIY journey of learning. I’m in love. :heart_eyes:


My wife and I are vaping 9mg also. She complains of occasional dizziness, so I’ll be reducing her liquid next mix (If i can remember this time). Mixing, Rebuilding, Collecting and even Rotating through flavors is part of what makes this a fun hobby, and immersing yourself into the hobby I believe is another tool to stop the cig habit.