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I'm needing help with drip tips


@SthrnMixer where did you get that drip tip you sent me for Christmas I really like it !


Not sure who makes them, but I got it from a local vape shop. And apparently it’s a local artisan.

I’ve been wondering if you used that and if you dressed up your tank with those o-rings. Did you? I’d love to see a photo :slight_smile:


I did and I love them !!!

I am buying more and more kanger nanos I only have one mini but when I drain it ( it’s almost empty ) I’m going to put the o-rings in there you got me I just didn’t want to waste the juice. :wink:


Nice! Did you not find the pink o-ring kit? That’s for a subtank mini. Not that you needed to use them but if you did I bet that would look suhweeet.


I like the tight draw it gives as well as it staying cool still is a real plus and then add it is so pretty hard to buy a plastic crappy regular one to top that.

I like the vase drip tip too and the shorty I think you can see them on the left on the lil vision vv/vw batteries


Now that looks awesome !


Oh wow, that is sharp!


Have you had a look at the UD ZEPHYRUS V2 ?
If you like a tighter draw this tank could interest you. It takes various coils and rba available but one of the stock coils are 1.8ohm and you restrict the airflow to your liking.
Makes for a nice mtl. :yum:


Never heard of it. I will check it out. I was using kanger’s mini protank 3’s for years and got the mini subox and then later the nano which are so much better and upgraded. It is the MTL that keeps me in this style of tank. I just don’t tolerate sub ohm hits for more than a few and then it’s just too much.

I also have natulius and the mini I really love those tanks as well.

But as far as drip tips go I don’t like the wide mouth chubs nor do I like metal anything on a drip tip. So I will look around for more choices.


Theres a set point on the afc for mtl draws and its a really nice vape. 1.8ohm single coil plus various others and rba.
Top fill, really well made. Yes it does have a metal drip tip but you can replace it with your own because it’s a standard 510.
I’ve got the lemo drop, the ubertoot, a subtank, the nautilus and a cpl of other mtl’s and this has the best draw I’ve came across.
You can do lung hits, however they are restricted somewhat, even more than the billow v2 with the shroud on.

To top fill just rotate the top. :yum:


My gosh Pattie I will need a plug to stop that hole up. I did some looking around on this UD zep V2 and finding the 1.8 ohm coils seems to be a PITA and if it is now it’s only going to get worse as the tank gets older and newer tanks come out. I like all the specs it offers but as of now I am still unsure to pull the trigger on it. Besides like I said above that is a huge looking hole what drip tips do you use for it ?


I normally just use the standard drip tip that comes with it or i have glass, glass and resin or a derlin. I have a few more on the way from FT, various designs.
Just thought I’d mention it to you as you seem to like your mtl tanks. :yum:


Thank you, very sweet of you to do so ! I think it is a really nice tank but it does seem that the 1.8 ohm coil ( which I think is nice they added that feature ) gets left out bc most ppl aren’t looking for that coil in this tank. So, a typical 510 drip tip will fit it ? Ok it just looks large from the pic.


Yes standard 510 drip tips fit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


for the last couple of weeks, i’ve been using these drip tips, made of jade and stainless steel and i gotta say, these things are pretty awesome! the feel good on the lips and stay surprisingly cool when i vape. and i vape a pretty warm vape. i’m talking 100w and 540-600F. so if any one is looking for a new tip, these are bomb! these and the ones i posted earlier in this thread(post 20, i think) and the ones i received from @bradslinux are all i have been using and i am quite pleased!


I like your “p.s.” I, just as you, HATE the term “drip tip” when applied to anything other than something used for actual dripping. I don’t drip; I fill my glass tank, to which I attach a tip. People outside the vaping community can be forgiven for being confused by vaping terminology, when we in the vaping community throw around terms without any regard for actual meaning. One thing that bugs me, for example, is our continuing use of the term “mod”, when current vaping devices are no longer modifications of anything, but rather are specifically purpose-built. Worst of all is the use of the term “electronic cigarette” - the whole point of vaping is that it is precisely NOT cigarette smoking. I am firmly convinced that 90+% of the anti-vaping propaganda out there, not to mention regulatory overreach, would not exist if the term “electronic cigarette” had never been invented. Vaping devices have as much to do with cigarettes as cars, once referred to as horseless carriages, have to do with horses.


A few drip tips I made with my new lathe


Nicely done