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Interested In Alterna? Read/Watch This First


Maybe they can get Rip Trippers to hawk this slime for them ? I understand he got hisself a new dumbass hat and some new teefers.


Hat? Seems like the same topper he’s been wearing a while. As for the teefers…

Just good he didn’t get Sam Losco teeth! :slight_smile:



:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: This is what it looks like when a thread goes off the rails :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:
@mrpipes :rofl:


My bad…


Yep, Me :zipper_mouth_face:too,


I probably should add though, it’s hard to take this article seriously - at least no more seriously than the premise of at least one argument -

There’s not much known about inhalation of these compounds. Their own MSDS explains to “remove to fresh air” if inhaled, but that is more an insurance policy than it is a report. Many flavorings we use contain that same warning.

Wow, this sounds eerily familiar. This argument has been used by anti-vaping people for years. But if one wanted to take it a step further, there are “studies” that claim a myriad of known dangerous chemicals in vaporized e-liquid. Point is, this article just can’t help itself. It comes across as hypocritical as all hell. On the one hand there’s Alterna and our limited knowledge about inhaling its compounds, and on the other the vape community and our limited knowledge about inhaling e-liquid/flavors compounds.

I do think this article needs to be done, just by someone who can’t be seen as a hypocrite in terms of the argument, or who’s rebuttal for their own inhaled chemical compound is we’ve got years of people using e-cigarette flavors and nobody’s died yet.

But I do agree… snake oil.


Not to disagree, because I don’t, but I think it all depends on the way we approach it. @ Silhouette is clearly very knowledgeable and within the confines of our “don’t give medical advice” system began with clear warnings about well_known_ and potentially very harmful interactions i.e “SSRI-like mood enhancer, stimulant, sedative (Kava and Valerian).” This is very serious and I am certain that she knows what she is talking about.

I attempted to follow with with the fact that steamroom was taking an ssri while testing this stuff and even said that he needed medical attention. I also made an attempt to offer part of what I know about how the multiple and again very well documented effects of these ssri’s. Well, that’s kind of dumb to even attempt such a thing in one paragraph or less. Nonetheless I am very well versed in how the pharmaceutical companies concealed known life threatening data in order to gain FDA approvals. Thousands of doctors are now backing away from prescribing them. While the mainstream media never mentions any of this, these facts have been proven in courtrooms across our country.(and others). So I don’t fear telling anyone about this, and much more< because I can point to enough court cases and peer reviewed publications to make anyones head spin. Whether people have the time, willingness, and means to research this is another matter.

We reduced this to the obvious that if this stuff works, then we would be orally ingesting it but we left out the most important part which should now be clear…don’t use this whether or not you are taking an ssri or other psychotropic drug. My other point is one we agree on, don’t trust or involve the government or the health care system. One death from this snake oil could possibly open up a huge can of worms with us as vapers holding the can. That is the main point I wanted to make. I am in favor of sensible regulation which in my opinion rarely happens. I also want to add that a little levity always helps. Where can I buy some of those teefers, I think I need some.


Agreed. My point was not to disparage anyone. Quite the contrary. This information is good to get circulated. Rather I did want to put it out there of the possibility of a perceived bias when, on the one hand someone says we don’t know much about the inhalation of the components in Alterna, and on the other, a clearly established fact that we don’t know much about inhalation of our flavorings. But I do feel strongly this information indeed needs to be out there. With luck, Google search results will point to this and the article on DOD, and at least spare a person or three from combining Alterna with SSRIs. Oh, I happened to read an article recently about how often those who do these mass shootings are also on SSRIs. Sad world.


Agreed. The article and video sure don’t demonstrate any forethought or common sense. Obviously I have a big problem with the way our system works. With the shootings and all other related,what happens is that lawsuits are filed and nearly all get settled out of court with non disclosure stipulations.
If w are to have a justice system in our country that serves the public interest, then the public has a right to know the outcome. IMHO we have a JUST US system where the elite can buy silence with these financial settlements.Sad…yessir.

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. Bastiat 1848

When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. 1850