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Issue with Smoke Alien 220w


thats a loaded question, type rta recommend in search bar, u get a lot more opinions already discussed


velocity and steam crave aromamizers, …not that you asked though phhfft


Good call @Zak2017 …a decision I’m certain you wont regret.
But… before you go down this path… have you made certain your problem is not your mod? It would make sense to be sure you’re working with a solid mod before proceeding - just snip that element of doubt.
Once thats out of the way,… I’d recommend an Aromamizer Supreme V2 by Steam Crave - easy to build and wick (youtube!!! …& a little practice) & awesome flavour & cloud production with the best airflow IMO (but, thats subjective). Also, get yourself some 0.4 SS or N80 claptons or fused claptons - that will give you a .2 build once theyre in - a good place to start. Also, you’ll need cotton - I use cotton bacon. These recommendations are totally subjective - theyre just the way I do it. You may find a different way suits you better - have a good look around. good luck! Please let us know how you go!!


Lol sorry u feel left out man. I’ll be sure to mention u the next time I have a question :joy:


I know ther’s a load of info on this here. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with tons of different opinions, so I thought I’ll ask the 4 or 5 people here who suggested an rda about their favorite one.


just fyi coz it wasnt mentioned…
these coil heads are made in batches… thousands at a time. Its not unreasonable to suggest your packaged coils & your store bought coil could be out of the same batch. If youve got some lazy dumbass who doesnt give a F working anywhere on the line, & dubious quality control at the end of the line, as seems to be the case with Smok, it stands to reason there’s going to be lots (& lots) of duds… what happens then is he goes home after his shift… quality might improve while he’s not around then plummet again the second he returns to work.


I posted in another thread on here somewhere about a vape store owner going through 5 Smok coils that were all defective until finally the 6th worked. He double checked them on a second tank and in between putting a used coil in that worked just to make sure. He told me it wasn’t uncommon and has gotten worse.

Some of the local shops here are trying to get away from Smok because of faulty equipment but also they are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of products they are cranking out and all the different coils they feel obligated to carry for recent releases.


If you buy “replacement” or “styled” coils (or anything) from fasttech they are clones, be sure you buy “genuine” or “authentic” on everything you buy their, same is true on ebay. oh and be sure to upgrade the shipping!


fasttech started upping their game when they released their “how to order from fasttech” lmao