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Joyetech 10th Anniversary Limited Edition ESPION Solo, Organic Light Emitting Diode Touchscreen, VW or TC MOD, with ProCore Air Atomizer


Great informative review @CosmicTruth, I really enjoyed reading it!


Thank you Very Much


Wonder if @Joy got hers and likes it?


Yes… Joy got hers and LOVES IT! It even has 9/10 or 10/10 flavor. Everything about it is great and well thought out. Joytech is a really good company. They pay attention to the fine details. Filling - check. Flavor - check. Air flow adjustment - check. Battery door - check. Looks and size - check. I didn’t read any instructions and had to figure out to use the ‘exit’ button so that my settings in the clock would ‘stick’.
My coil is still jamming just like new, and I’ve refilled it oh maybe 20 times or so. I put my apple mix in it, and that’s one of my all-day vapes. Everything is great about it. I’ll have to buy a multi-colored one like I noticed here.


Hey that’s GREAT!
The “exit button” clock bug is also one thing I didn’t like about it.
But the good’s definitely outweigh the bads, and Hey if you like TC you can fit a Vaporesso CCell coil in it and with minor tweaks use TC SS settings!
Glad you liked it and glad you weaseled in on the giveaway. i’m still hoping Ellen over at Joyetech will sponsor another giveaway here, so stay tuned :smile:


Yea I did weasel in on the giveaway. I never enter giveaways and in fact I don’t go online very often lately. I do like the mod I won so much and I’ve always liked JoyTech - so I believe that I will be looking at their newest setup when I buy a new mod in the future. I’m looking today at their Espion Silk with notch coil. Sure doooo like how the tank is an RBA. That is my style. Also…I do like Wismec NotchCoils and I like a single coil tank. It also says it’s good at 25 watts…just what I prefer. I might have to get a new mod sooner rather than later. Today there’s 25% off for 4th of July sale.


If you wait a week they will come out with something really good. This one is rewickable but I found it somewhat difficult. They haven’t sent me a new device recently so they must have something good about to come out. In the meantime have you ever seen a RWTA (hehe i made that up)?

I think Riftcore DUO is now in full production.