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Just a suggestion


i do like RFSC honey , i have a few FA flaves i hvnt tried ill write that down ty


absolutely correct , pepper for me as well


Talk about taste being subjective… you’re listing some of my favorite concentrates! :rofl:

For me it’s probably the combination of both the flavor and the strength of the concentrate. I tried it at 0.2% and it totally overpowered all the other flavors. After a 30 day steep, some other flavors mellowed out but the cardamom stayed strong so that made it even worse. I’m sure a hint of it could complement a recipe but at this strength, it’s very difficult to work with for me.

Could you recommend a good alternative? I’ve tried FW and TPA, both were a terrible disappointment to me, and I do love a good dark brown sugar flavor. I think it goes great with anything apple and custards.

How could I forget all my coffee flavors. I’m a real coffee junkie IRL, but I haven’t found any satisfying coffee vape yet.
Cup a Joe (CAP)
Cappuccino (CAP)
Espresso (TPA)

Some other flavors are pretty good, but I have a hard time finding recipes that call out to me. These are collecting dust as well:
Pistaccio (FA)
Almond (FA)
Marzipan (FA)
Toasted Almonds (TPA)
Recipe recommendations greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Cardamom is just like fa honey and inw cactus, extremely potent and of course it doesn’t pair as easy than a vanilla. I diluted them in pg, and use only 0.15-0.25% of that solution in recipes. It pairs very well with florals like rose, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle.

As well as a bit more earthier fruits, vegetable and desserty/bakery kind of flavors,fig, corn, breads, hops, darker non candy grapes, rice, avocado, specific mangos etc.

Black and some green teas can benefit from it as well.

Coffees is a difficult one too, especially if you vape higher temp/watt, try looking more at café latte, macchiato or cappuccino kind of flavors. WF smooth cappuccino is a good one, vta coffee milk froth another, but none of them are stand alone. They rather bring that slight coffee note too the table instead of adding actual coffee.

Almond, marzipan pair by itself already but find a good use in custard, cookie, crusts, chocolate, coffee, nuts, and cereals. But again these are more a helping flavor not a full on use at 2-10% flavor or even in cake toppings that normally ask for icing and/or butter creams.

Pistachio I use often in granolas or ice creams or as a texture for some earthier muffins. Like a blueberry lemon muffin. BTW cardamon does work here as well.

Pretty sure there’s more I’m just not thinking off right now, but maybe it gives you an idea.


these days i experiment with FA’s up and booster(tiramisu).i have a couple of recipes that look good but i wait for them to steep.i don’t have the coffees you mentioned but inw’s kawa is really good.i hate pistasccio FA and toasted almond in general.i have tpa’s almond and inw’s marzipan,but i can give you a good idea to experiment with http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2364585/Creamy%20almond%20macarons


I wish I had the flavors to try… Poland’s beauty, only have biscuit.
Missing the milk and honey for the macarons but maybe I can swap that for a bit of cream fresh and a drop of honey. Sounds pretty good though :slight_smile:


Me too. The thing with cardamom is that It is a very strong spice. I would say one drop to every 15 to 30 ml. It will go good with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. So lets say you could make an orange, cinnamon, cardamom, bread or pastry or even a pudding. Maybe a creme brulee with a tart berry. Perhaps FA’s blackberry :grin:

Wow, I think I’ll go play with it.


I know it sounds weird, but as soon as I started to play around with VT Hard Crack Toffee, the first thing I thought of was using it to replace Brown Sugar. Of course, it doesn’t taste like Brown Sugar concentrates, but it does mimic a rich, dark cooked sugar. In fact it tastes like this Agave Nectar I use sometimes, like a cooked sugar/toasted marshmallow/carmellic flavor. There isn’t really a molasses background to it, but I find it still works.


And that"s rhe point of this discussion.to exchange ideas and maybe bring out something good through the process


Lol… Already?


I tend to fall victim to my impulsivity when I read glowing reviews for a new flavor or recipe that requires a flavor I’m missing. That is until the flavor arrives and my palate jars me back to reality.
I’ll try to remember some off the top of my head…
-Strawberry SC (RF) The single biggest disappointment I’ve had for buying flavors. I was
JACKED! Began my testing and…nothing. Week 2 wasn’t much better. Huge letdown.
-Vanilla Custard SC (RF) another disappointment. Began believing RF’s use of the term SC
was false advertising.
-Cactus (Inawera) tried it once, after hearing it adds this wonderful juiciness. Maybe so but I
couldn’t wrap my brain around the taste.
-Cherimoya (Inawera) Nope. Just don’t get it.
-Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) meh
-Fresh Strawberries (WF)…no glowing reviews or decent recipes but this was part of my
ongoing quest to find The One. It found the trash.
-Bubblegum (FW) used in a Pennywise clone recipe. Wasn’t bad but never explored BG
recipes afterwards.
-Waffle YC (Inawera) bought this blind for a recipe I was tinkering with. This shit is stupid strong!
Just opening the bottle for a few seconds and my entire house reeked.
Scared to touch it now! :flushed:


Well what can I say, its not very satisfying too me, I tried making them work but the shear amount of flavoring needed and the quick fading, does make layering them quite a challenge. And let’s face it, there’s always a flavor from other brands that can do a better job at better percentage and result. For me personally at least not worth the hassle.


I’ve gone through 40mls of tpa blackcurrent and just can’t get it to work as a single flavour. Sometimes I think it’s the age of the flavor, how long has it sat on the shelf of the store before purchase. Are companies selling old flavors? My local shop says that they had to dispose of litres of flavouring due to going off date. Mmmmmm did ODF add a whole bunch of pg to meet demands and “water” down there flavours? Who knows…


I haven’t tried any of these yet, because they are pg-based, but I am curious about them in their original purpose of adding 1-2 drops to a 30ml bottle you’ve already mixed in order to try to boost a flavor aspect that is a little weak.
Did you try any of them out as their primary purpose intended? Or, just at the 7-9% SF secondary function?

(This should probably have been left in the one drop thread, but since it came up here, it seemed ok)


i think the problem is that it is strong and it just messes up anything you mix it with.i haven’t tested it as single flavour,not a big fan of blackcurrant anyway


I tried them as they were intended as well as single flavor tested them two different ways, you can read my notes/results on elr or my summary in the one drop flavor note thread.


Not sure what others have experienced (we already know @eStorm opinion) but at least for me, the Strawberry One Drop is a no-go. Unless you have a hypersensitive palate 1-2 drops does not work. I tried it…nothing. Then increased to 5 drops in 15ml custard tester. Something poked out at 5 drops but it’s not very discernable. Almost like a weak sweetener.


Were you using it to add strawberry to a plain custard, or a strawberry custard? As I understand it, it’s meant to be used to boost a flavor already present in the mix that needs a lil help.


Sorry I wasn’t bashing ODF I really am still in testing, im actually liking the watermelon its not bad at all. But I love blackcurrant ive tried tpa as high as 15% down to 1%. Need the fa it’s suppose to be the best anyways…


The best in what? :smiley: There’s no such thing as the best concentrate of anything.
Do you want a true tasting concentrate? A candy version? One that’s a bit tart… or not? Flavor concentrates just offer a small part of a flavor spectrum and different brands can have flavors that shine in their own way in different recipes or perhaps even compliment each other.

If you’re really a fan of blackcurrant (or any other flavor), make sure you have different versions from different brands.