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Just repaired a couple of RX2/3


Happy to help. Good luck!


Thanks for the instructions!

It doesn’t, and reassembling that thing (spring!) is a PITA

It’s not the torx screws, but a thick short red wire which connects the battery contacts to the PCB – so make sure not to pull on that one too hard; otoh, if you want to remove the sled completely, unsolder that red wire (and the thin red and black wires) from the PCB. That requires a good soldering iron, though.


I’ve never owned this mod, but read your fix and man, that’s very generous to take the time to share all that. Love the baggie trick!

As popular as this mod was I’m sure your write up will help many people. :+1:


I had to wire a back up camera for my RV…what is it with these new electronics companies where they are using wire as thin as hair strands lately?


Thanks for the assist!
'preciate it.


Thanks brother. Thought I might save some adventurous types from having to buy another mod.


Cheaper production cost? Personally I think they design stuff to fail so you have to buy another one.


I’ve actually performed this fix twice on my RX2/3 in the 3 months I’ve had it. Now I’m getting the “atomizer short” warning and it won’t fire even though the atomizer works fine on my ol’ faithful Punisher 80. It’s a really neat mod but the issues are piling up. Thinking maybe a g priv 2?


I wouldn’t expect a smok to be much better tbh.


Sorry to hear about your experience there, but appreciate you’re sharing it! It’s always nice to hear that a reported fix works for several folks, but the down side is they’ve had to use it.


What he said. :point_up_2:

I’d suggest other brands if you are looking for reliability first and foremost (all with NON-built-in batteries):

Pioneer4U (IPV series 5 and prior, or 8 series)
Sigelei (if you don’t use TC)
Voopoo Drag

Also, DNA and YiHi chipped devices are highly regarded, and have very solid track records.

Expect anything with a built-in battery to be disposable, and short-lived. Though they can be great as a backup rig for keeping in the car or backpack for an “emergency” on the go “go-to” device if you get into a situation where you left the house with low batteries, or broke a glass on your tank, etc. More than once I’ve been saved by keeping an old forgotten and “retired” setup in the console or glove box…


Thanks for the tips. Will definitely keep them in mind.


Usually, I’ll repair a mod once then shelve it if it has new or the same issues. I may go back to it later. I wouldn’t recommend a SMOK although there are many who love them. It’s too 50/50 for my patience. You may want to look into a Smoant Battlestar. I have two that I usually take to work, and they have never let me down. The TC may be a bit off but not frustratingly so. All others mentioned above are great mods that don’t disappoint IMO…


UPDATE. Just broke down the RX 2/3 to check for loose solder connections and found some juice on top of the battery carriage. A quick wipe down, popped the 18650s in and whammy! There we go. No more atomizer short message and back to vaping my sweet homebrew on my wismec. Hope it can help someone else.


Good job!
Glad you got it working again.