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Sorry, I didn’t see this reply for some reason… I’m not really sure what I can do - Do you want something automated? Because what I do, is give each of my flavors a number, then just input that number as the first word/line in my flavor notes, that way I can just click the pencil-icon on a flavor on a recipe to see the notes and thereby the position in my physical inventory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats a good idea, but not exactly what I was trying to communicate. I didnt expect youd have a miracle or anything…i can see how the request is weird and probably not super common for those without a particular brand of OCD.

What I was thinking was maybe youd have a fixed numbered list. If you want to be fancy maybe totalling to the next increment of 5 or 10 above my total number of flavors, so a few empty numbers at the end. The next flavor I add would push all those below it up one number using up one of those empty numbers and creating 4 new empties on an “overflow” event.

Another way to explain it is (for example) I have 400 pre-numbered slots in my physical storage location. When I add a flave in meatspace, I “have” to move everything to a new spot to maintain order. So the fixed numbers would work like the physical locations. What I actually do is leave some openings empty so I dont have to move 390 bottles if I add “Apple.” So the ability to also have empty numbered rows would be swell…and if you wanted to make numbering in Base36 or Base24 to account for “common” tray sizes…you’re a sicko, but I dont think it would be hard to code…for you :rofl:

You could lock or unlock the location number to the flavor and sort alphabetically or whatever and not need a particular order in meatspace at all. This is the way your current method would work. But, if I’m the kinda messed up that needs it alphabetical in meatspace, but also numbered, locking the number to a physical location (number doesnt increment, flavors all get renumbered +1 after the addition) could be handy. Your way would allow random access and sorting like a lookup table, mine I’d know about where to look in meatspace for most flavors but be rearranging my stash on each addition/sibtraction…I like your method, wish I woulda thought of it in the beginning. I wouldnt have bothered sorting them in meatspace at all. Now I kinda want to look at the bottom left and know “Apple” is near there.

Hopefully that makes some sense? Sorry for all the words.


RE: Donations. What is the purpose of including your email address when you make a donation and do you recommend it?

What is the easiest way to follow a mixer? I have only found it if I come across one of their recipes. Or maybe the best way to view all their public recipes?

And…how do you tag someone? In other forums you add “@” in front of their username but that doesn’t seem to work here? Thank you


Sorry for the extremely late reply :wink:

That’s just so I can find your user, if you wish to have your ads disabled :slight_smile:

Yep, on the main site, click their username, from there you can follow them… :slight_smile:

It works here on the forum: @muth :slight_smile: