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Looking for DIY Flavor Shack Gems


damn you ken damn you lol if you pull the trigger let me know how it is , im in the same boat with flavors


The angel food cake requires a lot of diluting, roughly a 1/3 of flavoring and the rest as PG or VG. Otherwise it will be very strong.
I agree about the added sweetener. I just refuse to pay flavorshack prices when I can usually find the source of most flavors.
To get a bit more insightful on the whole flavoring biz (if you have a bit of chemistry background) I would recommend subscribing to P&F (perfumer & flavorist).
I use a few additional “enhancers” for some of my more popular mixes, like methylthio-2-methylpyrazine (instead of acetyl pyrazine), it gives a better “baked” taste to my bakery mixes and doesn’t have that “fritos” smell or that awful aftertaste some notice.
I’m pretty sure many of the “big” juice makers tinker with the flavorings as I do, that’s how it becomes such a undertaking to replicate some of their juices. There’s always one “note” that’s missing. Finding it can be almost impossible, unless you happen to have access to a mass spectrometer. No, I don’t have one, but if anyone wants to share…


Where do you purchase some of the raw chemicals?


You are a wealth of knowledge.Thank you for this info. Is this the Perfumer & Flavorist you are referring to?



@juice_junkie_lover, it varies, depending on the minimum quantity the will sell (some will only sell by the drum) but a couple of my favorites are Natural Advantage (www.NatAdv.com
Plus they send free samples!) and Treatt (www.treatt.com).
Some require waivers and an F.I.N. but some will sell to the public. Best advice is to call them for samples. I wouldn’t bring the issue of vaping with them, mainly because they’re trying to keep their distance from such a hot button issue (one reason that the vaping industry wasn’t included in this year’s Flavorcon :frowning_face:) , but you can ask info like, “what emissions are emitted from this compound when heated above its boiling point?” usually it will be part of the MSDS you’ll receive, since many of their products are used in the food and beverage industries.
To get the full list of suppliers visit the perfumer & flavorist Web page. Pay attention to what the company offers. Some only offer perfume scents. Look up CAS # before you order.
@Leilani, yes that’s them. Subscriptions are free, so it doesn’t cost anything but a little time trying to understand the industry.


Ill just say this, my self imposed ban on new flavorings is no longer self imposed. If i buy more i will have the best smelling van down by the river.


Just straight up Cream flavoring, their Flavors Array brand.


Ah thx man! I’ll look into it!


Going to check out the DIY FS flavors finally. Going to try a few and see …

HOLY Vanilla Flavoring DIY
Donut DIY Flavoring
Cookie Flavoring DIY
Vanilla Custard DIY Flavoring
Blueberry Muffin Flavoring DIY
Pound Cake DIY Flavoring
Gooey Butter Cake DIY Flavoring


I wasn’t too impressed by Pound Cake(DIYFS), but Holy Vanilla and Gooey Butter Cake are worth the $$ in my book. I might have to get some Blueberry Muffin a go with my next order…