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Lovely Symmetry with Big Tobacco, eh?


What the hell is Poloxamer 407. and why do they need sucralose . Google just told me Trometamol is for people to take after heart surgery.


Ah, I get it now, they’re probably adding that stuff preventively to combat the dangerous side effects of flavours :rofl:


I thought they was worried about Popcorn Lung


That’s probably what the Poloxamer 407 is for, never say they don’t care about us :sunglasses:


Hydrochloric acid?? What in the f***??



!!!Beware, vape can cut off the bad habit of smoking!!!


Maybe it is not that bad after all. Even making vape ilegal will make it more popular.
I imagine two young boys/girls vape in the bedroom with the new good stuff… strawderry with bavarian cream…


Or it is to bring vaping to the attention of kids by negative adverts so they’ll pick up the habit and the scaremongering about youth vaping will finally be fulfilled.

They will be able to proof their ridiculous claims at last because they made them happen :tada: :balloon:


If I translate it right only 0.2% of never smokers start vape 2015.

Frequency of Use and Smoking Status of U.S. Adolescent E-Cigarette Users in 2015


E-cigarette use by adolescents is an important issue for public health. This study analyzed the frequency of e-cigarette use and its association with smoking status among U.S. adolescents.


The National Youth Tobacco Survey 2015 was analyzed in 2017, focusing on frequency of past 30-day e-cigarette use according to smoking status of participants. Smoking status was classified as never smoker, ever/not a past 30-day smoker, and past 30-day smoker. Infrequent and frequent smoking and e-cigarette use was defined as use for <20 and ≥20 of the past 30 days, respectively.


Past 30-day e-cigarette use was reported by 54.5% (95% CI=47.8%, 61.0%) of past 30-day smokers, 26.5% (95% CI=23.2%, 30.1%) of ever/not past 30-day smokers, and 4.6% (95% CI=4.0%, 5.2%) of never smokers ( p <0.001). No past 30-day e-cigarette use was reported by 94.5% and frequent e-cigarette use by 0.3% of never smokers. Past 30-day e-cigarette use was reported by 50.4% (95% CI=43.6%, 57.3%) of infrequent and 64.7% (95% CI=54.4%, 73.8%) of frequent past 30-day smokers ( p <0.001). E-cigarette use frequency correlated with both smoking status and tobacco cigarette consumption (ρ=0.42, p <0.001 and ρ=0.40, p <0.001, respectively). Past 30-day smokers were more likely to report past 30-day e-cigarette use (OR=11.42, 95% CI=9.06, 14.40) compared with adolescents reporting no past 30-day smoking.


E-cigarette use is more prevalent among ever and past 30-day smoking adolescents compared with never smoking adolescents. Frequent e-cigarette use is rare among never smoking adolescents

Source : https://www.ajpmonline.org/article/S0749-3797(18)31626-X/fulltext


And here is the 259 selfie deaths article


I’ve never seen a young person with a vape, only cigarettes.

That’s excellent news, the more the merrier, no loss as far as I can see.


The more Government tries and force people to not do something, the more they want to do it. Teenagers always want to do stuff that they are not allowed to do. Vaping is just the latest in a long line of “illegal” things teenagers do.

How about ban teenagers from driving, since they have been known to drive drunk. Oh drinking teenagers do that all the time and the laws are for 21 and over to drink.

Ever hear the saying its Fuk’d up that you can go to war for your country at 17 but you can’t get drunk till your 21?

Nature states you can reproduce at 12 but most people don’t do that today. They did 500 years ago.

The fact is everyone does stupid stuff, no matter what age. The more you say that they can’t the more they want to do it, if they had already planned on doing it to start with. Vaping is just another example of showing that every single person is their own boss. No one likes to be told that they are not their own boss.


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