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Low Watt Low Temp Flavor RTA?


Cool - hope it works for you :slight_smile:

And 30G SS316L seems to have the perfect malleability for learning the right amount of cotton ie get as much through as you can without deforming the coil. When I got too much through the coil (too tight) and deformed then fixed the coil, I got dry-hits. If I didn’t get enough cotton through (too loose) I got bacon frying, yummy flavour, and only 3 days before gunking…


This just registered… smacks forehead. Do you have to space the coils again after you pull the cotton through, or do you use so little cotton it doesn’t deform the coil?


I space the coils while they are on the turning jig. I just pull the coil out and then squish it back together and it rebounds perfectly spaced (most times). I do pull enough cotton through to move the coil a bit but if I pull the cotton back the other way a touch the coil goes back to it’s original spacing. Lately though, I’ve been wicking with hemp thanks to @therabidweasel and by twisting the hemp tight I can get a lot in the coil without distorting it and then just untwist and the hemp packs the coil. It seems to work well, I think, because hemp flows juice better than cotton does so there is less chance of a dry hit.

If you are interested in hemp wick…


the Ammit and Merlin are both great tanks…but there lots of great flavor tankls…I like a nano or a mini tank since the chimmney is not as long as a full size tank…now here is something to think on also…if you want a full flavor vape…think about a RDTA…does not get better than that for flavor…for a starter I would reccomend the the Vandy Vape Pyro…the flavor from that tank is in your face an loud…for me its just RDTA tanks now…plus dont have to worry much on leaks…most hold 3ml of juice…

i forgot to mention…The OBS engine nano is a great RTA…its a flavor machine…all these I mention can be vaped at low wattage…I vape no higher than 35 watts…most times in the 20’s


Don’t mean to be a pedant but the OP asked for “Low Watt Low Temp RTA” and I can’t see how a 24mm tank with a “big build deck for large coils” is going to be “Low Watt”

I’ve had two Kayfun Prime clones for six weeks now. They are both producing the better flavour than my Siren 22 and Ubertoot UTA2 at 8-12W, Bellus with twin Claptons at 40-60W, and Serpent Mini with ‘stock’ twisted 28G at 15-25W, at 6.7-9W (!!!) with 11-13 wrap 2.5mm 30G 316L contact 2 Ohm 'ish coils


I can’t seem to find the kayfun clones on 3F or fasttech… any ideas?


Try searching KF instead of Kayfun. I think that works, at least at Fasttech.

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thanks 10 char


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