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Lush 22(clone)


uhh… guys, i think someone divided by zero.





Bahahaha your funny. I meant using Chinese wire. I am well aware that Vandyvape is from China. Along with almost everything else. The trade tariffs have me worried about batteries. That shit is scary.

I know that’s sometimes how I come off, but I’m genuinely trying to be helpful. Not be an asshole. I know I’m new here so I gotta give you guys my fullest. I was simply implying that’s all I vape because I spent almost a year learning how to coil. I have found what I like to vape and I want others to experience it.

I make some nice braid, and good fused build. The thing is, if your off smokes, that’s all that really matters and try to be healthy.

An atomizer won’t reach the temperatures wire will. I wouldn’t vape Vandyvape wire myself because I don’t think I’d want to find out but I know Vandyvape racks in a hell of allot more than demon killer does and there wire quality is likely better. Better facilities/relationships with customers.

Hey, if those liver err… I meant demon killers work for you, who am I to tell you otherwise. I may suggest it, but it’s just an opinion.

I’m an ex drug addict alcoholic, what would I know :grin:


I am also sorry, I shouldn’t have said that smarmy comment. Have a good day dude. I pmed u.


hey its no biggie, just recently learned it and then remembered “hey, didn’t that one guy say something about china and vandy vapes” lol