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Male or Female?


I’m a chick. The girl kind, not the chicken kind. :wink:


that is definitely a females pen/man/ship


I remember that ! Yep :+1: not that talking about your kids is only done by women lol :laughing:


Only time gender mattered to me was when hunting for a place to insert Tab A, in which case I would seek out a suitable Slot B (and ‘suitable’ basically meant any lady that would let me). And since it has apparently lodged itself into a specific Slot B, now fastened securely by a gold band, that aspect is gone.

So, you go ahead and call yourself anything you want, and that’s fine with me. If you’ll be my pal, I’ll be yours too.


100% USDA Prime male here. Like ya couldn’t tell!




Although a certified male 100% , I do have strong lesbian leanings! lol


Not true, Some people are born with intersex conditions, for instance. A mate of mine was, in fact. It’s a lot more common that people than people realise, cos it used to be hushed up.

as for myself, I was born a girl, grew into a “tomboy”, becoming vaguely feminine in my old age, i suppose.

My Mum used to joke that she had “a boy, a girl and summat else”, myself being the summat else.

I really don’t think that gender is relevant to anything much, besides making babies and deciding which personal pronoun to use . It’s always bugged me that people make such a big deal of it.

I identify as human, usually. But some people have found that debatable :rofl:.


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I want one.

Male here.


Got one of these, they come recommended by me :slight_smile:


Ya, I remember when @Steampugs called you ‘young man’…
I understand it is a trifle to some, that reading ALL there is to read on ELR
is just that. [too much, too little, too late]
BUT, if you do put in the effort, [and what an abundance of info on ELR]
there is a lot that is said, even on/about ones’ self, not just DIY help/info.

Of course it helps to remember/retain what you have read, but for a youngster
like myself, with a fresh, un-polluted mind, it is an easy task. [I know you older folks have struggles with that]

Before @muth replied, I had already anticipated gender, obviously due to
my unadulterated and vibrant young brain waves/cells. And then all was revealed.
“Elementary, my dear fellow” [“Elementary, my dear Watson”]

I agree with your ‘thought’, your username was/is obvious.

I, too, like Maria Diane…of In This Moment [Pig, pig, would you let me in?]

Anywho, God bless you, and all you hold dear in your heart.

Ozo…off to see the Wizard [or to feed the outdoor critters…furry,feathered,slithering, etc.]


I suppose I fall into the older folks category, but the only thing I’ve struggled with recently was making any sense of your reply. :thinking:


i have no problem with it , open discussion my friend ty




Hmmm. Let’s keep it simple. Male. But I do have some metro tendencies like wearing a pink shirt on a Friday at work. Just walk in the door and say it’s pink shirt Friday F@ckers.


Ya, I feel sad that you are aging and missing some understanding of my reply.
I would (if I may) suggest, spending more time in your Zen garden, making
sure the rocks are in alignment with the water features, and that you don’t
have in imbalance with any over-abundance of moss, which many overlook.
Prune the trees ‘strictly’ according to the moon phase, and maybe read up,
refresh yourself on the Muromachi period (1336-1573).
If your meditation is not stimulating, something is out of alignment.
One last thing, which direction do you rake the sand? Please, let me know.
[and Namaste]


That’s funny. Really! How much time did you spend Googling that stuff in order to sound like you know something?



Excuse me for making another serious point on this thread (sorry folks, i just have this compulsion) but hey! ihave you actually sudied the biology of gender? Plain and simple it ain’t. And new advances continually muddy the water.

But c’mon , gender is something like 10% biology, and 90% social stereotyping, so the more revelant science would be Pychology, wouldn’t it?

that is …If you call Psychology a science. (Personally, I’m, in two minds about that,. Psychology can sometines use scientific methodology to very good effect. I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage that But on the other hand , Psychologists can often disappear up their own . erm, fundamental inconsistencies , by trying too hard to be “scientific”. The inconvenient fact is that most of the really interesting and useful questions of psychology are not amenable to statistical analysis or anything like that)

Felings cannot be reliably weighed , measured or ortherwise quantifiied. Therefore it’s not “scientific” to talk about " feelings ". You’ve got me there. And you’ve also put the aforementioned Psychlogists dillemma in a nutshell. To exclude “feelings” from any discussion of the human mind, and human society would be utterly absurd would it not?

So “feelings” are relevant, whether you like it or not. Suck it up.

Western Science has a long history of making simplistic, erroneous assumptions and building spurious theories on that basis. To give it it’s due, Wearten Science has a history of overturning it’s own spurious theories. and of steadily progressing towards a better understanding. My only problem with Science is: it still has the the arrogance to think that it has the final word already. But it surely doesn’t. especially not on gender issues.

*coughs, blushes, and quietly steps down from his/her/it’s soapbox *