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Male or Female?


Yeah, He already gave the game away with

I surely wouldn’t be the one to take the bait, after that. :zipper_mouth_face: I’m not quite that dumb


Sorry man, I just can’t do it!!! I almost did, but the resistance was too much to overcome, you big lug.


Care to debate that? Ha, kidding.



come on folks… I was just trying to help the OP put this disaster of a thread back on topic.
If I ‘flagged’ you with a message, please don’t misunderstand my message. Please re-read it.

P.S. Don’t make me stop this bus!!! Keep your hands to yourself in that backseat, brats.


I have never said or felt this way before on ELR.
How do I stop notifications or remove myself from a thread?


go to the bottom and mute it , and i hope this thread did not offend you it was not my intention and if it did i sincerely apologize


Ok, I’ve re-read, as requested. Must say I found

times eight to be somewhat overwhelming, together with “flagged as off-topic” times two… but then perhaps I shouldn’t have read that as being given an opprtunity to show myself the door before the mods did it for me? Maybe it simply meant exactly what it said? * blush * In any case, figuring out how to edit all that lot appropriately was beyond me

Anyway, I dunno what was so wrong with 'em, , but a couple of people liked my “off topic” links to the Kinks and Lou Reed …even after they got hidden! . Thanks for that, guys :slight_smile: Hey! Do I get to kep the likes. or do they get knocked off along with the post? Not that it matters. Just curious.


Just so everyone knows Alisa was not the only person that flagged post in this thread

I did as well

Several people have taken this thread WAY…WAY off topic that’s sad because this could have been a good place for us to learn who we could call brother or sister when we type a reply

Several people will just not let it go either

Sad so Sad

Personally I am about sick of seeing so many threads on ELR going this direction

Alisa I will gladly delete this if need be but you taking all the blame for the flagging is just ludicrous


Thank You @fidalgo_vapes :smile: No your post was not offensive, I just think somewhere along the line the conversation became distasteful.


What fidalgo said…
Go to bottom where it shows one of these:
“NOrmal” … clickk on it and select ‘Muted’


There are only male and female, you all have a gender regardless of the extent of your head injury


Please close thread , i did not think it could or would bother anyone , i felt maybe we would learn something we didnt know and that those of you that didnt want people to know would just not reply , my apologies to anyone who was offended by the initial question , have a good day


I’m not really sure if you keep those ‘likes’ if you delete your post, to be honest. Calling, @daath to answer that one.


i agree and hope this gets shut down , i think its time for a break for me !!!


@alisa has explained what she has been doing with this thread and i appreciate it and couldnt agree more


I don’t see anything wrong with your thread Fiddly, looks perfect to me :thinking:


Closing/Locking topic/thread per OP’s request.
Nothing more to see here folks… move along. :stuck_out_tongue: