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Malted milk biscuit recipe help


IDK if anyone has mentioned this but 4% malted milk is too high. It contains ingredients that will mute other flavors. I tried it at 4% and it ate my chocolate. If you have a 2nd malt to layer in and reduce TPA MM to 1.5% or 2% max, otherwise it will eat your biscuit.


Biscuit has plenty of butter taste. Id drop any other butter. IMO


:roll_eyes: Reminds me of trying to make buttered Mango. butter Golden @4% I thought I was eating one of those waxed fake fruits you see in a basket for display :rofl:


hmm mozzarella cheese (20% malted milk) + corn chips (5% Acetyl Pyrazine) you see where i am going here


That’s actually quite possible… if you forget to close your flavor concentrates after use, they will loose flavor. That’s why I suggested a SFT or finger drop test.

I’ve got a bunch of flavors that are about 2 years old now and I always check them before mixing these days. I’ve had a few that went off.

I don’t have malted milk so I can’t comment, but from the other comments it’s clear that this recipe is a classic case of over-flavoring. Try and cut everything in half and it may get you somewhere.


Go easy


Hi this is going to be my first attempt at my very own recipe I’m going to make it tonight UK time probably about 1030pm so if anybody has any advice beforehand would be much appreciated.

Nathan is asking for advice all you offer is some random advice which was not solicited and a backhand.

I am sure that your first recipe was less than perfect.

If you cannot be encouraging or offer some relevant advice I am not sure why you bothered to post other than to somehow show some superiority.

Your first comment was helpful and nathan has rejigged the recipe so the comment above was really not required.


I know I can come across harsh at times, sorry, I’m not trying to attack or ridicule or be condescending or anything, but it’s what all of the comments above have indicated.
Biscuit is being used quite high
Golden Butter is high
Malted Milk is high

It’s one of the mistakes that a lot of people make when first starting with DIY liquids, simply using too high of a %, hence I call it a classic mistake. Most of us have done it and most of us have learned from our mistakes.

If he tries to dilute his mix by 50%, he may get a bit more from it then what he’s experiencing now and it’ll be much clearer to him what is lacking or too prominent.

Sure, you can let it steep and wait but if it’s not the issue (which I don’t think it is), you’re wasting a lot of time. I’d take at least half the remaining juice and dilute it to see what effect that has.


Thank you for this help much appreciated. After reading all the posts I’ve decided to start again I’ll post the adapted recipe now.


Also I’m just currently working with the concentrates I bought I’ll be buying more end of the month



What are you vaping it in??


Well, I hope at least you keep the original one you’ve made and give it time to steep before flushing it. It may or may not be to your liking, but you won’t really know until you’ve let it fully mature. That’s kinda why regardless of my initial thoughts, I declined to make observations aside from giving it time to shine before passing final judgement. None of us really know what works for your palate.


No no I kept the original.

See how that goes too I love strong flavours I have found my adv are far too strong or sweet for lots of other people.


All sorts lol but mainly a rebirth rda with frailiens running 0.16ohms on a dovpo mvv