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Marshmallow instead of super sweet?


You’ve tried this recipe after a good steep?


I don’t know i don’t use

Ethol Maltol 5%
Xylitol 5%
CAP SS 10%


It was a joke, I shouldn’t post before my first coffee, lol. But if I mixed that up and another batch with only CAP SS 0.00001% how do you think they would compare as far as sweetness. Or to a 10% mm 1% cc batch?
Idk I’m just a beginner.


The forum has a ton of threads just search on ‘stevia’ you will find lots of info


It’s completely subjective, only you can know that by testing.

But it brings up why I like flavors where you can have a wide range to mix with (3%-15%) to add subtle or more intense flavors and everything in-between.

Supersweet isn’t one of those ingredients. It’s very potent, so more or less limited to 0.25%-1% of sweetness levels, but it does do it well. How much you like will depend on how much sweetness the other flavors bring into the mix.


I’m mixing 2 batches right now:
1st FA Forest Fruit 15% & 1% SS
2nd FA Forest Fruit 15% & 2% mm & 2% ccc

I’ll post my findings back here in a week.


Results were disappointing. Muted to almost nothing. “MIKEY DOESN’T LIKE IT!” lol


Strange, Im vaping stuff 2 months old 6% and the strawberry and pineapple flavor i usually get it’s a little muted but now tastes more like orange’ish pineapple… still tasty however.

Do you use heat to steep it? That may be why. I only heat just enough to shake and then steep.


No, I put them in my pocket for and shake once an hour 3-5 times.
15% FF is too high, as they said on this week’s Notes - FF has EM in it already, and I wasn’t aware that CAP Marshmallow also has EM.


Maybe wait for 1 month? Some recipes muted during week 2-3 and came back at week 4.