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Marvec Priest AIO 90 watt review by Mjag..Baby Beast RBA included!


Great review brother as always :wink:


I have a question about your Marvec coils compatibility especially the RBA…
Does your Marvec RBA fit into your Smok Baby Beast, Big Baby Beast or Joyetech ProCore atomizer?


Thank you brother!

Hey @CosmicTruth I don’t seem to have a Smok Baby Beast anymore, must have given it to someone. I did try the RBA in the Squid Peacemaker and Vaptio Frogman XL, both of which use Baby Beast compatible coils and it worked just fine. You just have to replace the bottom thick o’ring with the o’ring from a baby beast compatible coil and your good. The reason for the o’ring being thicker when used in the Priest is it seals the chamber but being so thick means it is too big to fit in another tank.