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May I use cannabis products as a female?


Hi everyone !
My name is Emma and looking for pain relief products, someone told me that CBD or Cannabis products are good to take as medicine. I know this is legal in USA but worrying about side effects.

Is cbd for athletes?

I can not speak on the pro’s & con’s of CBD oil. But I can tell you there are no side effects to Cannabis.


May I use cannabis products as a female?

After extensive research, scientists have concluded that cannabis products did not care about gender.


Yes. Click bait is real. I heard thc makes a pussy angry. My kitty doesn’t like it at all.


As a gender fluid pan sexual alter ego nuns father uncle’s cousin I can tell you that I get high on cbd all the time


I used to be a female too but since I started to smoke weed I’ve grown a dick :happycry:


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: Lol lol lol


May I use cannabis products as a female?

i dont think cannabis is sexist , so im sure you being a female is ok :wink:


What these jokers are tryin to say is: yeah, go for it and see if it helps. Good luck!


That’s pretty impressive. You think if I start smoking it, it may increase size?


May I post as a female, might be a better question. My answer would be no, in your case. Now go make me a sammich :wink:


or you might turn into a unicorn


No. It’ll make your moobs grow. Maybe from an A cup to a full B. At that point you’ll need a bra.


Side effects include: Dizziness, Sweatiness, Stools in the shape of question marks and the urge to rob a bank with a bow and arrow.


Brah, I am sadly a full B cup now. When I tan I get that thin white between my moobs and belly.


What a thread.


This made my day to come back to. Holy craps. :grinning:


as everyone knows, there are only three genders, male, female, and apache helicopter (and actually quite a few more between the first and second). cannabis should be reserved for the first two (and all of those in between) but it should definitely be banned for apache helicopters


Bet the OP is sorry she posted this question.
As the dog days of summer begin to recede, so do our brain cells. LOL


There is a success story of one woman https://cannasos.com/news/hot-news/a-woman-lived-till-125-years-thanks-to-smoking-weed-strains-everyday so it can lead to a long life though.