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Medicine Flower Recipes


let me correct myself , im not sure if id know what to mix it with unless i specificalky bought it to make anothers recipe , im sure id like PVs ive liked anything ive tried of his


1.68% total flavor, I love that part the most probably.


yes ive been amazed with what can be done with low percentages MF and FLV are great for this imo


I have a similar recipe, that uses Capella Cucumber at 6%, TFA honeysuckle, Inw Mix mint, and Inw Cactus, I will have to give this a try, I have all the MF except the Cucumber. This looks great though, and I never thought of adding a hint of lemon or honeydew, I may try it with the cap, until I get the MF Cucumber, I have FA Cucumber also, To me the F.A. is more potent, and more realistic, but the Cap is sweeter and blends easier.


The addition of lemon was part of the original food recipe that I recreated. It worked out well for this mix… it helps the other flavor pop… similar to citric acid. It also offers a bit of contrast and a very slight lemon backnote.


All this talk about cucumber I’ll break out my cucumber frape tonight when I get home.


@Pro_Vapes That looks very good. I had been hooked pretty hard on a commercial juice by Craving Vapes which was a cucumber melon, so this one hits close to home for me. :slight_smile: The only (current) issue is I’m missing 3, but have 1 flavor. Will have to change that. I’m very curious about the thick mouthfeel, especially for something that doesn’t scream that by looking at the parts. As usual, you tip your wise hand by the introducing the lemon/citrus/citric in there.


@Pro_Vapes is MF Mint a mint leaf green flavour or is it more like a cool mint you would find in a candy?


When mixed .3-.5% I get a full on mint leaf note, but at 1-2 drops per 30 MLS it’s like a cooling agent with a light mint note.


Cheers thank you


Ooh! I have three of those ingredients. Missing the Honeydew. I only have the Watermelon and the Cantaloupe (which I still haven’t tried) . Ummmmm…


Make sure to request a sample on your next MF purchase…


Oh! I did. I bought seven flavours (from MF themselves) last order and they sent me three samples. They can’t always send the sample you ask for though. It depends what’s in stock at the time.

I’m presently trying to resist p[uttng in yet another MF order, but Honeydew is next in line when i do.

Any good Canaloupe (MF) recipes? I don’t think I can justify ordering the Honeydew (plus a few more flavours to make it worth the postage to Britain) until after I’ve tried the Canataloupe :laughing: I had half-a-mind to sub the Honeydew, but it won’t be same, will it?

Oooh, here’s another thought. Any other Brits out there want to do swapsies with some of these flavours? I mean we could make up out own sample sizes to swap. Specifically, right now, do any of you Brits have the Honeydew(MF) ? I’m pretty sure that I’ll have something-or-other you’ll want in return


Oh! Quick note on that Mint (MF).
This flavour is available as Botanic Elixir from Vapour Depot in the UK, (That’s a 10% dilution in VG.) International postage rates are reasonable ( I checked with 'em :grinning:). And that’s the best way of buying the Mint, IMO, and the Wild Honey, because those flavours are so strong.

I mean, just look at @Pro_Vapes Mint % …0.09%
Well , using BE, I’ll be measuring out 0.9% instead. Much easier! And that little 10ml bottle will still be set to last me til well past the “use by”…:thinking:…probably.

@woftam : I can confirm that this one is a very leafy mint, nice for Mohito etc,but no good for candy recipes. If you- or anyone- know where I can buy a PG-free mint candy concentrate in Britain, I’,m all ears! I really want one.


Since the cucumber talk… it goes very well with cantaloupe. Also good with honeydew so id imagine it might work with watermelon or whatever other melons exist. Also a little bit of berry, like a raspberry, can add a little something to a cucumber mix.


Sidetrack… so i had a friend when i was a pre teen and sometimes his mom would send us to the store with a hand written list on the back of napkin or what have you. We lived in a city so it was just a block or two away. Anyways, she wrote fast, kinda scribbled and she was born in italy so not the most english literate. We would have to decipher exactly what she wanted, figure out her glyphs. The one i will never forget was her version of cucumbers written on the list in all caps: CUMBUMS . Lol…


I’m pretty sure I posted this elsewhere, but pretty damned happy with it ATM, since it proved a hit with a mate, I never did get around to making the adjustments I was considering, and I’ll be making my next batch exactly the same, to avoid disappointment (well…except for subbing Pear(MF) now I have it in my stash ) That said, no need to stick at one batch is there?

I reckon that nobody will find this on a “What can I make” search , cos of the relatively unusual Botanic Elixir (but you can sub pure MF of course) . oh! And the relatively unusual Rum (MF) . Oh! and the relatively unusual Kandi Hed cream . Like I said in the notes, sub any cream you like. That just happens to be the only organic cream in my stash, and it seemed a shame not to make it all-organic, having come thus far.

The high % of cream is just because the KH are rather weak, and come with a recommended usage of 15-20% , so don’t overdo the cream on that basis! …that’s optimistically supposing that somebody actually tries mixing this one!

What a pity that MF don’t make a cream concentrate . But wait! I asked 'em and they do have plans to bring out a cream in the future! :woman_cartwheeling:


Oh my I had no idea MF had a mint I need some of that yes I do ! Love mint with cucumber / melon and of course chocolates :wink:

Super awesome thread ! Will definitely be following this


Right in front of my face… i have a half gallon of trader joe’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler in my fridge, its pretty good. Thinking coconut might also go well with it.


you could try a little bit of white chocolate with their vanilla , if my GF didnt throw away all my written notes on Accident ( so she says) id be able to tell you what worked ok for me i think it was
Wc @.15 to .25
Vanilla .75

the WC reay has a nice mouthfeel and an ok creaminess to it … anyway play with them i. thos ball parks you may be surprised

maybe the vanilla was more like .50