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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


No offense taken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: For me, atleast at this point in my vape/mixing history, knowing is half the battle. I know how 1x1 1x2 and 0.5x1 fresh cream to mallow tastes and the end result. I also find that balance, for me, automatically balances or fixes some off notes that would no longer be present when in a mix anyways…and for that matter would have never needed to be adjusted for.

I know it’s a different line of thought that for some breaks the mold. But for me atleast it helps with removing the distraction of how bad a single flavor taste is…to me atleast. Lol. Technically I have only sf tester vanilla custard v2 cap v1 cap tpa inw FA RF and the only one I liked because of the off notes was inw. However, v2 has a special place when mixed with strawberry and FA for fruits and bending it to pudding. If I had only judged on sf then it would be game over for a bunch of mixes.

Hmmm. I am rambeling. Yup. Grammar sucks too. Lol.


Yeah, but little things like that makes the world go 'round IMO! It’s been evident at various points that when someone “breaks out of the norm”, or sprinkles a dash of “WTF?” into the norm, is when the opportunity for something magical to happen can occur… (Rare, granted, but sometimes earth shattering! So, still worth it!) :wink:

/thinks about Mr Magorium…


Hi. So i noticed that open source and provapes like to use some sweetener to help fruits out. My question is this, do mf butterscotch, caramel, coffee, dark and white chocolates… should these all be accompanied by stevia?


Unless needed for the overall recipe, I don’t add sweetener to any of those you mentioned above.


Thank you very much. Yeah, the caramel ive had for a while and to me its great. The dark chocolate is new for me and so good. Just so good.


My favorite by far.


Its the best chocolate vape i ever had, hands down.

Whats about an average you would suggest for fruits if im using stevia?


The fruits are a bit difficult to gauge. They range anywhere from .2% to 2%. Wild Raspberry being the strongest and SB being among the weakest. Most are very good IMO when used with enhancers or in combo.


Yeah ive noticed the sb is weak. But i mean is there a set % of sweetener you use universally for mf fruits or is it different for each?


I use Stevia at .5%. Usually paired with FA Sour Wizard at .5% for most MF fruits.


Thanks! I appreciate the help.


thats probably my problem with this flaves , i didnt realize its strength ive been using it at the 1 ti 1.5 mark ( SF test ) ill try something different knowing its super strong now ty


I really think most vapers won’t like MF Extracts as an SF. IMO they are best when tested with enhancers or in your fave recipes.

EDIT: Starting @ 1% or less.


Cantaloupe is very strong imo. I mixed it up with plum and white peach, all at .5 and the cantaloupe is overwhelming the mix. Will use it much lower next time.

Not sure what i was thinking, i read this entire thread and other ones and put time into researching then i go and use way above the recommendations, lol. I’ll learn.


It’s also great in this Milk Chocolate recipe and as a base for other mixes…


Nice. Will def use that. Looks like that base is gonna go great in many things


yes i would agree , its even hard to test as a SF to figure them out so ive added a touch of this or that but they do make greaaaat boosters for other fruits and using thwm this way helps a recipe and makes the extract last much longer


Let me ask you about this stuff here, the Pyure liquid kind. Do you get floaties in yours? I tossed a 3 month old bottle, that was stored in the fridge, as it contained floaties that i couldnt shake or heat into homogenization. I just tossed it but i had forgotten to ask you about yours.


I haven’t experienced floaties. Also I don’t store mine in the fridge. It’s something I’ll look out for. My Stevia lasted about a year and I only recently bought a new batch.


Maybe this was part of the problem, when the next batch gets here i keep it on the flavor shelf. Many thanks.

And i agree, Vanilla is the only MF flavor that i vape in single and it isnt all that often.