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Now Available for Preorder: iJust 3 NEW COLORS

Are you ready for the World Cup?!

Well we sure are! With these new Eleaf iJust 3 colorways! The Eleaf iJust 3 kit comes in 2 special world cup colorways and 6 new colors with the new ELLO Duro PMMA atomizer, which is an acrylic tank that still has the same flavorful and huge cloud production. The Eleaf iJust 3 mod has a max output of 80W. The iJust 3 kit has never looked so better!

Preorder the iJust 3 with Eleaf ELLO Duro PMMA atomizer now and get 10% off!



The Eleaf ELLO Duro PMMA is made of Polymethyl Methacrylate which is another name for acrylic glass. The ELLO Duro PMMA tank exhibits new designs and patterns that makes your tank and atomizer stand out. The Eleaf ELLO Duro PMMA atomizer features an all-new reimagined Net and Multihole coil, the HW-M and HW-N exhibits technologies which present unprecedented vaping experience with ultra-flavorful taste and huge clouds and have a longer lifespan. The ELLO Duro PMMA atomizer is an atomizer that you need to experience!

You can order the ELLO Duro PMMA on the Eleaf USA website today!


Now Available for Preorder: Joyetech ESPION Silk Kit

The ESPION Silk is a hypoallergenic device that is accommodating to people with sensitive skin or people that have allergies with certain materials. The Joyetech ESPION Silk is just like its name, it’s a silky smooth device that produces flavorful clouds that are reminiscent of silk. The Joyetech ESPION Silk mod comes with the NotchCore tank, which adopts the horizontal way of juice distribution to achieve a pure flavored taste, along with being able to chase clouds at a lower output. These Joyetech NotchCore coils are long lasting and more affordable than most coils, letting you save more money without losing the quality clouds and flavor. The Joyetech NotchCore atomizer also has an easy assembly and disassembly with its coils and tanks itself to enable you to navigate through your NotchCore atomizer with ease.

Preorder the Joyetech ESPION Silk kit today and get 10% off


Now Available: Joyetech RIFTCORE Duo Tank

The RIFTCORE DUO is Joyetech’s first coil-less atomizer. The Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO uses the RFC system. The Joyetech RFC system utilizes two heating plates that are capable of self-cleaning, coil-less puffs, and a long life span of vaping. The Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO atomizer uses the RFC system for evenly distributing the heat, which creates the best flavor; and fast heat conduction to get the clouds fast to you. All you need to do for setting up your RIFTCORE DUO atomizer is put cotton in between the RFC system, saturate the coil with juice, and you’re good to go. Experience the Joyetech RFC system with the Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO, live a life without coils with this amazing tank.

Order the coil-less RIFTCORE DUO tank today!


Now Available for Preorder: Bellerphon Atomizer Kit

The Wismec Bellerphon is a rebuildable tank atomizer with an innovative directional airflow system. The Bellerphon’s directional airflow system can be adjusted freely with two air slots evenly spaced at the bottom, letting you adjust the airflow for your preference without losing the flavor or cloud production. The Wismec Bellerphon atomizer also introduces the Ultem 810 drip tip, which operates well in hot temperatures and can withstand hot stem, leaving you without burnt lips when you’re vaping away, all for your safety and reliability. The Bellerphon tank will be your next favorite atomizer with its innovative airflow system along with the protection Ultem 810.

Preorder the Wismec Bellerphon RTA today and get 10% off!