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Mixing / Adjusting for strong flavor


The answer: To remedy having 100% flavor and no leaking for travel… You can use the SMOK RDTA. It heats the juice exactly as the Aromamizer, but it has a juice flow control that you can close when you travel. Check VapeNW. They had them on sale last week for about $15. Again… Flavor is exactly equal to the Armzr.


Don’t throw it away!
I’ll pay the postage or send you pre-paid postage boxes, and you can send it to me! I’ll send you something in exchange!!!

Rarely do I give away juice because I don’t like it. Usually, I can alter it and improve it so that it is good. No… I wouldn’t vape something yukky just to use it up. I’ll only vape something that’s really good. Only about 3 times have I ever dumped my tank full. I’ve never thrown away a juice I mixed per a recipe.

Sounds like most everyone keeps Diluter on hand. If I give away juice, I also have given a bottle of diluter and a bottle of diluter with up up nic to add. One thing is for sure… If someone is trying to vape rather than smoke, they need to be satisfied. If not, they don’t have a good shot at staying on vape and off stiinkies.


I wanted to throw this in, I just finished adding a recipe combiner to my calculator google sheet.

so besides doing the math to reduce or increase flavor you can combine 2 simple or complex recipes into the percents to add into ELR to create a new recipe.


I have the same problem. I don’t use nicotine because it actually is bitter. I want ones that are loud in my mouth. This has less calories than all the suckers I’ve been wolfing down. My favorites are pina colada because of the pineapple and the strawberry custard. I have tried making red and black licorice and they came out pretty good. My others taste like crap.


Welcome to ELR!

(first time I’ve seen you around, so forgive me if I missed you on the “Introduce Yourself” thread, or elsewhere)


No! You haven’t missed me. I’m new here. Don’t want to tell you to much because you will laugh. People have snickered or given me weird looks when I accompanied my son into vape shops just to see stuff.
I’m somewhat older and suffer from allergies so my smell and taste buds aren’t as sharp as others.
I don’t use nicotine. I find that it is on the bitter side plus I have found out it is actually a poison.
I have the You Got E-Juice Strawberry Custard and I love but it is so mild. I would like to make the flavor explode in my mouth it that is possible. I am using the Aspire K3 and PockeX. Not to bad I guess. Don’t know if I want anything bigger. haven’t read up on others yet.
So far the PockeX is my favorite because to get the flavor good I have to constantly unscrew to top about a half turn and then tighten it up. This makes a few drops come into my mouth so that I can taste the flavors. I can’t do that with the K3 though.

Has anybody ever had a Mexican coffee? It has cocoa and chili power in it.

I guess I have rambled on enough.
Thank you,