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Mixing and Steeping Methods


Personally the only time I “let it breath” is if I froth the mix until it’s milky, I look at it as I’ve introduced a lot of air into the mix and if I kept it capped the extra air would have no place to go after it separates. Other than that I do not let things breath, my ingredients are not alcohol based (if they were then I would consider breathing them).



Thanks Dan, I just seen that in the other room. I’m pretty sure I fucked up the mixes by heating them too much.


or breathing to long if your mixes are fruity , personally i dont let anything breathe but i keep it on the mag mixer for a long time covered with parafilm


I’m still very much learning here, so all information is much appreciated


I also recently found out that I can’t use TPA vanilla bean ice cream, it tastes like pepper. That’s messed up a few for me too.


i also stopped putting my nicotine in juice while steeping this was suggested by @Amy2 and all my juice taste so much fresher and on point ill add nic when im ready to vape just remember if your adding the nic later to minus the nic amount from juice

example 30ml

juice 29.1ml
nic .9 ml this is 3mg ( 100mg strength )

i actually first started doing straight 30ml then adding my nic so overall id have 30.9 ml finished product


oh yes sir it does i do use it but only at 2 pct or less and then a long steep tpa vanilla custard also is peppery for me if i stay under 2 pct it seems a lot better the stuff smells soooo good but that pepper taste is crazy i do wonder what causes that LB also does the same thing but cap doesnt


Seemingly it’s a genetic thing and no amount of steeping or breathing will help with it. I’ve just ordered some cap and fw vanilla bean ice cream to see how that works out. I’ll have to see if anyone wants 25ml of TPA now lol


i havent used in sooo long ill have to go mix some up because i thought atv2 pct or less with a couple other creams helps


some people dont taste the pepper i wish i was one of them


Most people don’t. I wish I didn’t either.


no problem. When I first read it I didn’t believe. I made 3 different mixes , one with a bit of a shake, one with heat and a shake, and one heat,shake and breath… I Am now a believer.


before diy id buy creamy type vapes and would get this taste had no clue but now every once in a while ill stop intobthe vape store just to say hey and see what the trend is and every so often ill tatse that pepper immediately i say vanilla bean ice cream in here lol


I use a simple plastic cotton swab cut one end off take a pair of scissors cut one wat about 1/4 long then do the same to the already cut end making a home made propeller put into a cordless drill straightened your cut ends and drill slowly works great.I stopped using crock pot I just put in microwave for15seconds and that’s it I found my flavors fading so microwave works fine and so does the homemade plastic propeller works as well just saying there are more knowledgeable than I am this is just what I do happy vaping