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Mixing Philosophy 101


1 year of vaping and i’m totally ok with plastic.


No problem :smile: If it makes you happy, then all is well! Wasn’t calling you out or anything…

It’s just not advice I would recommend to new folks who plan on having a lot of flavors which seems to be occurring a bit more frequently as of late (watching the “order threads”; Good Deals, RF SC, vape mail).

If you only have 30-50 flavors, and/or use them frequently, then plastic will suffice for a few months.
But if you end up with 100 flavors (or more) then glass becomes important.

The strongest flavors I’ve had (TFA Kona coffee, any MF, etc) would only need a couple months tops before the plastic would be permeated with the scent of that flavor. At which point leeching has occurred.

It all depends on what you’re ordering, and how frequently you use it, but some (Kona coffee for example) require glass from day 1 IMO.

Best rule of thumb I would offer to someone new would be: If you use a flavor at 2% or less (single flavor) it should be in glass.

Hot/warm bath or not?

What do you think about HDPE bottles vs Glass Bottles?


Pretty much as above. The only difference being certain plastics are more “resistant” than others. Hence the whole LDPE… HDPE… PET… stuff you read about in varying forums/threads/articles.
To me, and while I fully understand and acknowledge the protection of varying types, they’re all still “just plastic”. Certain base traits just are inescapable in my opinion. Leeching is one. It only becomes a matter of WHEN it will occur.

With glass, you don’t risk leeching. So I adopted the outlook of “if I use it at 2% or less” (as a standalone flavor) then “it’s strong enough to warrant glass”.

To me, it’s important enough to account for (kind of like diacetyl for some). To others, it’s not. But with over 200 flavors and counting, it’s like looking at money on the shelves. I want it to remain unaltered as long as possible!


Hi @Sprkslfly,
Thank you for your reply. I see. That makes sense. So all the flavors that I’ve purchased that are 4oz and up or flavors that I’m not using regularly,should be placed in glass to reduce leeching and to preserve the flavors. Noted