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Mods,RTAs,Mod Kit,2 Herkales still in boxes, barely used batteries


Was on the right web page at the right time. Couldn’t pass it up.
2 Loch Ness Mods 1 red 1 blue in 8/10 finally getting some back ups just in case.
2 unopened Herkales RTAs (needed badly)
1 Unopened Mag Mod Kit
3 more tanks rdta & RTA’s
1 Crown 3,
4 batteries
And both of these. Oh and some 120 ml juices. DIYr/retail sales. Paid $150 shipping included.All packed up and going out in Monday Mail, it’ll be here (as long as USPS cooperates) this Thursday. Now I’ll be able to really hook my son up when they come down in May. Here’s a couple of pics of some of the artillery. Couldn’t upload the others ATM


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