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Must have flavors?


I see a few things I would do differently I hope will improve your Xmas present. Though Caramel Candy is decent when used correctly, Caramel (original) TPA is very good and more forgiving to beginners. Toss Cotton Candy unless the intended use is for Cotton Candy standalone. Do not mix with Cotton Candy/EM. Get Marshmallow FW, it’s better. If you want to get Raspberry from FW then go with the regular, not the natural. I’m experienced in blending and even I have had troubles making the Raspberry Natural work. Others you could add…

Peach (Juicy) TPA
French Vanilla CREAM TPA (notice I said cream)
Butter Pecan FW
Hazelnut FW
Blackberry Natural FW
Banana Cream TPA
Butterscotch FW
Cantelope FW
Blueberry Extra TPA
Kahlua & CREAM FW (notice I said cream)

Don’t know if you are willing to buy from Nicotine Labs but if so the best Watermelon and Honeydew is from the Delosi line. No candy taste, real fruit flavor. They also have a must have Mocha…


Great info, thanks Darth & ringling. I had reservations about the Cotton Candy. The EM drawback makes sense.

I’m a little familiar with Caramel Candy. I have a few ‘sweets’ I occasionally add to some of my tobacco mixes, and that’s one of them. I don’t use much, just enough to give the mix a hint of caramel. If it’s more forgiving for beginners, I’ll swap the Caramel Candy for the Caramel original.

I’m doing some covert texting to my daughter, to get a better idea of some of the ‘tastes’ he likes.

She said nix to bananas, and a thumbs up to the cantelope…lol. She also said ‘berries’ get good reviews.

Whew…now I know why the fruit & dessert crowd have so many flavors in their arsenals! :slight_smile:


I just started mixing about when this thread was made. This is just my opinion, but I would find one juice he likes or loves, and find a recipe that gets rave reviews, that is a clone or very similar. Nothing keeps you mixing like success. Build your other flavors off that one great recipe. Find another recipe that uses one out two of the ones in the first mix and just get two or three more. Now he can make two juices. Another good idea I picked up here is enter what you plan to buy in flavor list and select what can I make. Then you will know he can prepare something without further investment. Also include a recipe.


Hi I think your Christmas gift idea is a super sweet idea. Shows you care and want to go the extra mile. Cantaloupe is very tricky TFA’s is so gross to many not just my opinion a much better option is flavorah’s cantaloupe. Also I didn’t see any sweet strawberry you have a ripe which is bold but not really sweet. If you add a sweet with the ripe it helps it taste more realistic. Sweet strawberry by capella’s is the 2nd most popular behind SB ripe.


I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but I find a yogurt is great with fruits and it really enhance fruit flavors. Also mixing yogurt with creams and fruit makes a very nice smoothie.


You keep rubbing it in man! Flavorah doesn’t sell yogurt anymore. If you keep bringing it up I am coming to your house with my minions and stealing your Flavorah Yogurt! Muahahaha! :smiling_imp:


FA does and I hear TPA isn’t bad. Did anybody get a reply from FLV…?


Hey !!! I know you’ve been on the hunt for FLV yogurt whitehorse emailed them and anyhow it is back in stock so go get hooked up that way your minions can sleep and not have to bother pro_vapes. hee hee


I got 2 bottles in my shopping cart. Flavorah and Inawera will be getting stocked up this weekend. I don’t have any of either of them. Can you guys recommend a dozen or so from each company I should get?


Must be a dulling from volume. Sweet sb is so good blended with TPA ripe sb. I just ordered the shisha so not sure about that one yet . God I love vape-mail. Also the cinnamon danish swirl is one of my favs .


I’m on the east side of NC about the same distance from MFS as you. As a vape beginner, I appreciate having this community resource. Lots to learn.