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My dog almost got me in trouble today!


Lol lol lol. Thank you i need a good laugh. lol


And I was beginning to trust you guys… :grin:


Damn! i actually believed it was true. D’Oh. i was busily theorising that the rabbit might not have been dead but catatonic, etc. Well I won;'t take your word so easily next time, @TorturedZen ! :grin:


Dang! You don’t have to say it like that. I’m trustworthy. Maybe ever-so-slightly twisted, but in a really positive way. Trust me! :yum:



Speaking of cemetery’s .



Google Fu!


Well I’ll be damned! Hahaha. Talk about too ironic!


Still a great story …worth repeating. When I read it to my wife I got the absolutely best response. I will be stealing this myself and plan to share as a true story at the upcoming Holidays Hey? I have a dog… that’s all the truth required :smirk: Besides? Has anybody heard of this movie? I feel pretty safe crafting my own little tale, and not getting busted till after the punchline, so Thanks …I can’t wait.


Don’t those stories usually start with “I knew this guy that…”


That was great!