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Needing starter help


sorry guys one more thing i cant seem to get 100mg nic here in uk only 72 but should i get vg base or pg base thanx.


Get the vg based.


k many thanx


That’s overthinking things, it’s really just an average. 100 mg / 1 ml + 3 mg / 1 ml = 103 mg / 2 ml = 51.5 mg / 1 ml. It’s hard to show your work in a forum post!

If your end goal is 70/30 3mg your starting base requirement will depend on how much flavoring you end up adding.

Let’s assume tobacco smoke has annihilated your taste buds and you mix 30% flavoring (this would be too much flavoring for most people and would usually result in less taste, but I’m going for an extreme example here). We’re assuming the flavoring is 100%PG (which most are) so already you’ve hit 70/30 using a 100% VG base. Then for nic, you’d just need to have at least 4.3mg/ml in your base (0.70 * 4.3mg/ml ~= 3 mg/ml).

So TLDR: if you’re sure you aren’t ever mixing > 3 mg/ml product a 6 mg/ml base more than has you covered. Get as strong as you need to cover diluting to what you want.

Personally I start with 100mg VG base (that stays shut in the freezer) and cut it down to 15mg using only VG (that I keep on the shelf) to cover mixing anywhere from 12mg to 3mg (assuming no more than 18% flavoring).


You got to remember he is new to diy and you’re presenting him complicated probabilities. It’s very easy for a noob to get overwhelmed. You’re confusing me and I been at this for a while. I’m just trying to get him to a max vg nic base to mix with.


Good point, but that’s why I put the TLDR in there. I’m just not comfy telling someone who may have never handled dangerous chemicals (for all I know) to jump right in with 100mg is all. Especially when he’s just trying to make 3mg.


I feel there… That’s why my first suggestion was to look over this noobie package we put together a long time ago. Safe handling of nic is in there. Hopefully he will heed the advice.


many thanx jojo watched the video and was astounded at how east it looks,if only i found this site before starting myself and getting it wrong,anyway thanx for all your help and hopefully when i get nic and bases i can try some of the fantastic recipies from this site.


Hi I’m new to this and I’m feeling very confused I’m not sure how to set up my bio or ask questions can you help me pleaseIf I want to fill out my bio how do I do that? Also if I want to ask a question about mixing a particular flavour where do I do that


Seeing you are a beginner posting in the beginners thread is a good start. Just ask away and if you run I foul we’ll gently nudge to where ever you need to be.


Lots of beginner threads to read and will answer most questions before you find the need to ask. To change BIo, u can find that if u click your avatar/username in upper right corner and then the preference/cog button. Gl to u!