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New kit arrived


See the pm I sent click on your icon top right (it should have a green circle on it) click the one with the envelope with my name next to it.

I don’t work for any of the companies listed


Sorry I couldn’t welcome you sooner. I fainted after I saw how much you spent. Anyway…welcome aboard. Wander around and you’ll get all kinds of useful info on how-to and where-to. We are all more than happy to help a brother/sister out.


Don’t feel too bad, I dropped $80 on my first joyetech ego one. :weary:


Yeah, don’t feel bad. I think a lot of us have done that. I spent $80 on my first Kanger sub-box mini.


Really great article Pugs1970, well done excellent review on the witcher…shockingly I feel another purchase unfolding…Doh!


I got got my first go around. Online is the way to go. I like B&M for most things because I am one of those instant gratification people. After saving money online that went away a bit. It totally went away when I started mixing. The instant gratification thing totally does not work with mixing. Just don’t make the mistake I did and buy a bunch of flavors without researching them. Unfortunately if you jump into mixing the expenditures have only begun. At least at first to get set up. In the end you will save a lot of money by mixing you own. Rebuilding coils and a good flavor RDA is a must if you want to create your own recipes IMO. I am still a noob, but can tell you some of my mistakes, there were many, and still make some. Also offer any advice on mixing with what little experience I have. You finding this awesome community on ELR was a huge step in the right direction. The help I have gotten, and continue to get is priceless. Well almost, until I make a flavor order lol. Welcome aboard.