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New member :)


Hi all,
I’ve been lurking around for a while now. Glad to be here. Great forum and the threads are massive… I love this forum…


Great to have you here and unlurking Betty! :smiley::tada:

If you want to, you could introduce yourself in this thread too:

Look forward to chatting with you!


Welcome to ELR!


This is an incredible community with a wealth of knowledge! Read! Read! Read! Have fun!


Welcome to ELR and if you get a chance head over to http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/c/general/comps-and-giveaways and see if you can win you a piece of gear.


At $100 per Like I’d say you’re doing pretty well… that’s how it works, right?


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @Betty123


@Betty123 what @Lolly ^^^ said.


Glad to see you unlurked @Betty123 lots of friendly people and lots x2 information.


Hi Betty! welcome! I see you did the exact same silly thing I did and lurked without joining. Then I eventually realised that the resource pages here would work for me a whole lot better if i actually joined! :rofl:

Besides, that gave me a chance to say “Hi!” and thanks for this amazing resource, and amazingly helpful commumity, of course. :smile:. And now there’s no shutting me up :rofl.


Welcome @Betty123


Welcome welcome @Betty123. Put your strap on and enjoy the ride. We have fun here.


welcome to the thunderdome!


Hi My name is Cathy and I am fairy new to vaping and definitely new to any forum type activity. i am more technically challenged than I care to admit.

I am excited to learn more about vaping and learn more about making and enjoying vaping!!!


Welcome to ELR !


i look forward to learning my way around


Ive learned so much here. Ive grown so much as a mixer because of this place. Everyone here is really helpful.


Twisted_Straights (Martin) Here, Hello Everyone! I was invited here by a customer and new friend! Never ever made my own juice as i am simply so busy on Ebay as a seller of vape stuff and simply don’t have time. But ya never know right?



Welcome! It don’t hurt to learn new things and if u need any help, we are always happy to!