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New Recipe Showcase 2018


Something quick , refreshing and to my surprise good right off the mixer… i really wanted to use all FLV


I’m surprised the Lime didn’t take over the whole recipe, to me that is what lime has done, but i haven’t paired it with another heavy hitter alpine !! I love the FLV lime and Alpine !!!


After reading your notes @fidalgo_vapes, yep that is what i do, 2 drops per 15ml. and that is sweet spot for me too!!!


it made the lemonade pop it does have a lime under tone but the mix is nice and you could taste the raspberry over the strawberry , over all im liking it …


tya the alpine was four drops , so was the Frosting and the lime was 3drops


Another week, another humble contribution.


@Lolly @Mrpipes @Ths1MxrChk and any other butterscotch hounds that I can’t recall offhand! lol

I’m finally releasing this. Even though I’ve got FLV caramel on the way and will probably be tweaking further just to see…
/sigh (It farkin’ NEVER ENDS does it?!)

Though I still have FW Caramel Candy on deck to order, but honestly, I can’t see either of those being an earth-shattering improvement. (I’ll find out though! lol)

Anywho! Here’s to ya!
Hope folks enjoy it as much as I do!


Ahhhhh im so mad at you !!! this im sure is a great butterscotch recipe , i know the time you have put into findng the right mix , it was your thougths that made me grab the FW natural butterscotch which helped me with my " pop dis not deez" recipe , but i dont have MF butterscotch ( this is why im mad ) lol off to GEB


:laughing: yep. Been there. TOO often in fact! :wink:


Adapting this faster than I can say ‘adapting this’. You are no doubt the BS King (which is ‘Butterscotch’ and/or the other ‘BS’ if you like).


This one turned out super great! If you like lemon cake with icing this one is spot on moist delicious lemon cake. Thought I’d share