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New Recipe Showcase 2019


This turned out to be really intriguing.



Have to get some more flavors, but I bet you’re right about making a 4oz bottle. This looks great.


Thanks @Chuck4! let me know how you like it… :blush:


Been mixing a few months and I thought I’d share a few recipes.

Here’s my Strawberry one shot. I know there’s a lot going on, but it tastes amazing to me. I use it in my version of a Killa Kustard Remix, which is a modified version of about 3 different custards.

And here is my Custard base which is similar to Killa Kustard.

Here is my rendition of a popular candy when I was growing up.


heres a cheesecake ive been addicted to lately!


and this one. this is another one thats getting me lately.


If you don’t mind full flavor & a few “baddies” this one is very enjoyable!


Oh this is funny. I’m vaping a version of this with yellow cake jf, lower percent of corn fa, kettle corn tpa and a few other things like vanilla custard inw.


That corn still eludes me …


Maple bar cheesecake super nice after a couple of days. Will report after a month steep but thats not going to happen until i make a 500ml batch up.


Do you have corn fa?


Looks very nice Nick!
Sadly I don’t have Maple Bar yet.


I dont … Do you think its worth having ???


Here is one of my wip non-clone clones of corn bread pudding. (This one I vaped today and I have few different versions in my bag to vape over the next few days. Yellow cake is optional).

Yellow cake jf 2%
Kettle corn tpa 3.5%
Corn fa 0.6
Sweet rice fe 0.35%
Vanilla custard inw 0.75%
Vanilla swirl tpa 2%
Circus cotton candy cap 1.5%
Pop corn flv 0.2

Corn fa above 0.75 I get a lot of SW cream corn.

@fidalgo_vapes yup…if you like corn bread pudding. Yes, corn fa is good. Pm me your addy and I’ll do my best to get to the post office this weekend.


If you like maple then yes. Admittedly its the only maple i have, but that maple delight recepie was so dam good it inspired my first decent recepie.
That is if you can call mixing a recepie with cheesecake a new one.

For the sake of my coils i will try and swap out the tpa bits but as is, its tasty enough i had to share


You mean this one, @GuernseyNick ?

I do love my maple bar… :wink:


This was like my 6th version. I have tried it with popcorn, kettle corn, pudding & a couple of cereals, but until I bit the dust & got the FA Corn it just wasn’t what I wanted. I also tried HICs Corn Bread recipe where he is using FA Corn at 3.5%- wow! I almost had to get rid of the tank it was so strong! The most I use it is this here, 1.5%. I have also tried the OOO Cornbread, but I don’t know WHAT that’s supposed to be. To me, the FA Corn (as well as their Butter) are must-haves.


I wish I could vape crunch cereal. :cry: there is a component that comes out weird. Not fully cardboard, not totally frito, but mash those two together with water and yup. Grerrr


Mushroomy right. ( crunch cereal)… But i used it at supe high pct , and then gave it away . Wish i didnt id like to try it at lower pct